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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mozilla Firefox - Upgrade, or not?

I am currently using Firefox V3.6.16 - and, I love it. Some of the changes from V3.6.14 and .15, took a little getting used to. For instance, I use NoScript, and the icon is where the 'home' button used to be. The 'home' button is now on the extreme right-hand side. Naturally, I kept absent-mindedly clicking on NoScript for a day, or so, until I went la-la, again. The McAfee Secure Search isn't the McAfee Site Advisor I had hoped for, and for some reason, I can't add it as an add-on! Mmmm?

Last week, I had a quick look at the Beta Version of Firefox 4. I downloaded a copy, stored it in a file on my Laptop, and gave it a run, to see what it was like. I thought it was OK, but didn't see much difference in speed, from V3.6.14 and V3.6.15. There were some cosmetic differences, of course, being a new version, but not such that I would upgrade - until I heard some reports about it.

Today, I saw that an upgrade to Firefox 4 was available. Wow! They didn't give the Beta phase, a very long run!

Once again, I downloaded it to a file, and ran it. Damn - couldn't get it off my computer quick enough! It's as slow as a wet week! Possibly renewing Cookies, or something, but I thought, 'I may not live long enough for it to finish simple tasks'.

Back to V3.6.16 - Happy again!

Which goes to show, that downloading a copy of the file, to a folder, and then running it from that folder, is the best way to Upgrade from one Version of a Browser, to another. The reason being, that you keep the .exe file in case you experience what I did.

I have about six versions of Firefox in the folder, and, conceivably, could run any of them, should I desire to.

I'll wait a while before I upgrade, thank Mozilla!

p.s. - Mon. Dec.28th - I am hearing reports of 'flat-line' in Stats. Maybe some bloggers are using Firefox V4? Maybe, it's a little unstable, yet? Interesting.


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