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Monday, 21 March 2011

Posting via the HTML Editor

This is the 20th post I have written over the last month - purely from the HTML Editor. I persisted in the face of adversity (a lack of much HTML knowledge), and I am seeing good results. My confidence is ever-increasing, and, although it takes me a little extra time, I think it will be worthwhile in the long-run.

I have not even as much as checked what a post looks like in Compose Mode, before Publishing it. That's confidence, for you!

As I mentioned before, the HTML Editor (when it's working properly) will tell you if you have forgotten to add a closing Tag, or made a boo-boo with your work. I think that's great, because, when learning, you do forget things...

like a closing Tag - </b>, or </a>.

or perhaps a </span> is in the wrong place, or doesn't have an 'opening' Tag.

Of course, you can turn that facility off, if you don't want it, but why?

I also like the Preview function - it works when your post is correctly formed, and won't work when there's an error on it. Then, when you close the Preview, the Editor tells you there's an error. Then, if you click the Publish button, the Editor will highlight where the error is! You can't go wrong!

If only this editor had been around in 2005, when I started.

I have been editing my blogs for two months, now, and the quantity of form errors, and utter rubbish I have had to correct, and clean up, because of switching from Compose Mode, to Edit HTML, was horrendous - and I am only halfway through it. Why this happens, technically, I don't know, but on one post alone, I had to clean-off nearly 100 duplications of the same font indicator. Entries like <span style="font-family: trebuchet ms;">...</span>, or colors like, <span style="color: cyan;">example</span>.

That's one thing I also like about Edit HTML, there's no 'easy to get at' Color menu, so you'll see less splashes of color in my posts! Some of them were looking like an artist's atelier!

So, I guess what I am saying here is give it a go. I now believe that bloggers should have a knowledge of the various Tags and form for HTML. Here are some examples;


  • To Embolden, surround the word, or phrase, with these tags - <b> .... </b>, or ...
  • Use this form - <span style="font-weight: bold;"> ... </span>
  • To add a color - <span style="color: cyan;"> .cyan. </span>
  • To Italicise - <i> ... </i>
  • To add a hyperlink - <a href="...the URL...">..the Trigger...</a>
  • To center script - <div style="text-align: center;">...</div>
  • To superscript, or subscript, when Referencing, use <sup>..a number, or letter ...</sup> - substitute <sub> for <sup>. eg: W3Schools1

That's just a few examples. There's many, many more available for perusal, or use, at the site.

I also like the Image Wizard in the Edit HTML Editor, more than the troubled Compose Mode Wizard. You may only be able to upload five (5) images at a time, but it's quicker, and, I think, more reliable. Naturally, the 'New' HTML Image Wizard posts your images in order of selection, now, and posts them to the cursor point.

To refresh memories of one particular problem of switching from Compose Mode, to Edit HTML mode, is the addition of the Hyperlink href=" attribute, to an Anchor point, for some reason. As you know, an Anchor is a simple point of reference to which you 'link' from Internal, or External triggers. If this happens, the Anchor links won't work!

The Compose Mode doesn't allow you to add anchors, or triggers. So, in order to add the Anchor (<a name="Linkhere"> ... </a>), you have to do it in the Edit HTML mode! Then, if you are a regular user of Compose Mode (WYSIWYG) Editor, you'll inevitably switch back to it, and then, probably, switch back to HTML mode again, to add the Trigger for the Anchor link. This is where the Editor will knife you in the back, if you are NOT aware of the way it works.

The attribute <a> defines an Anchor! An Anchor is part of a 'Link'. So, when you switch to and fro from Compose Mode to Edit HTML mode, and the Editor sees the <a name="Linkhere">..</a>, and it, perhaps, thinks that it is a poorly formed 'Link', and it adds in the href=" script, which you do NOT want in an Anchor - only in the Trigger!

This is what happens ...

This is what it should look like ...

Yes, definitely worthwhile using this Editor. Don't be afraid!

1 - See: W3Schools.


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