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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Responsible Readership - Are You Helpful?

I've been editing one of my bigger blogs, for a week, or so. During this time, I thought about the amount of links that were not working, and thought I'd write this.

When you visit, and read, someone's blog, if you see an obvious error, whether it be in spelling, or maybe a link which doesn't work, or an image which doesn't display, what do you do?

  • Do you leave a comment to tell the owner? Or,
  • Do you ignore it, and think the owner is not worth re-visiting? Or,
  • Hope the owner soon finds the error and corrects it?

Having been a blogger for over five years now, I have often been editing my blogs and found errors - especially typos. Sometimes, my fingers seem to work independently, separately, to my brain - faster, or slower, I am not sure, but the words do not flow off my keyboard at the rate my brain composes them. Errors will, naturally, occur, and appear to be spelling related. I am a good speller but I am not a good typist, that's for sure. So, when I edit and find glaring errors - which I should have picked up during scanning the finished post, I think; "Drat - all my readers have seen that! Will it affect their opinion of my me?" "Will they think I can't spell?" "Will it affect their impression of the message, or information, I am sending in my post?"

I don't know if you regularly do an edit of your posts, but let me tell you - it takes a lot of time and effort! Links stop working for reasons as various as the names of blogs - mainly, though, because someone has taken that site down, or deleted it, or changed it!

If an image doesn't display - I get very angry with Google / Blogger, because I know how to load images. Why aren't they displaying? Why is this, or that, not working?

Of course, I don't look at every post I've published in the past, to check these things, either. It may well be years until I happen to check an old post during an edit run, or happen upon an error, or when linking to that post from another article.

So, how do you help bloggers?

Well, I would be to leave a comment on the related post - maybe with a 'DO NOT PUBLISH THIS COMMENT' heading, or something, telling the owner that such and such is not working, or whatever. I think that would be responsible readership - and I'm sure, one day, the favour will be returned. I have done that with my friend, Nitecruzr many times (- he's not that good at spelling because he's 'Merikan!) (Private joke). He doesn't get upset, either!

Hey, I'm sure that the owner(s) would appreciate it, too! I know I would.




sue said...

Very timely Roberto. Do not publish!

re the kerfuffle you had the other week with blogger not allowing you access to your own blogs and when you got deleted as a follower. You're now following me twice on the same blog. (traverselifedotblogspot)
Interestingly both photo thumbnails have migrated together. I'm sure it's happened to other people, and there's probably a post in there somewhere. (will check if you've already covered this in a moment).

You suggested at that time to allow a trusted person access, which I did, but my little thumbnail pic got removed, and trusted person's name got shown on the blog which I don't want. I've removed it, but can't seem to get the little thumbnail back. I hate the big pic I've added. Any hints?

Re spelling, I probably wouldn't mention it, links yes.

Great post by the way.

Bob said...

Hi Sue
How's life in my second favourite State?
Yes, things have gone a little haywire since the disablement - I even had to use another account to leave this comment - on my own blog!

I was reading about Mozzies, yesterday, and noticed the two Follower icons - changed it - thanks for reminding me. They were two separate accounts in case I lost one - again.

One of the disadvantages to Team blogs is that of the Profile gadget. It only shows one image. As soon as you add an 'admin', it changes - no images. On a few blogs, where Nitecruzr is a member, I use both - Google gadget and a home-made profile page. Easily done, btw. Your single image should re-populate when the server visits, again.

Love your blog, too, and enjoy your writings.

sue said...

Hi there Bob,

Second favourite state?! Which is the first? We missed out on summer, it was the wettest on record, and it's cold now - 15C - grump grump.

Weirdness is certainly happening for your blogging at the moment, but at least you know enough to make your way around it.

When I get time (Haha) I'll look into a home made profile page.



Bob said...

Yes - definitely my second favourite State. Why? Because, I haven't found a better one, although reason tells me that one exists!
I lived in East Melbourne/Richmond area, although I'd love to get down your way, one day.
(I love Tassie, too!)