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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.1.

The Settings screens are accessible from your blog Dashboard, and from every other function screen - Edit Posts, Comments, Design, Monetize, and Stats.
Of the nine Settings screens, of your blog, Settings - Basic is the default screen which signifies to me, that it may be fairly important, and often used.

The functions of the Settings - Basic screen, from the top of the screen, are:

Part 1. - the TOP part ...

BLOG TOOLS - "You can import posts, and comments, from a previously exported Blogger blog, export this blog, or permanently delete it".1

  • Import Blog - Importing a blog is a two-fold task. Blogger accepts XML files as Import files. This type of file is generally generated by Exporting into that format, such as Blogger does, when you use the next feature. Importing an XML file is easy - see: Importing / Exporting - an Overview.
  • Export Blog - This section is covered in the above link
  • Delete Blog - This function will terminate your blog. See: Deleting Your Blog.

TITLE - The Name of your actual blog. Don't get the Title of the blog, mixed up with the URL of your blog. They are two different things. The URL of your blog is the alphabetical Blog Address. An IP address, is a numerical address for your blog.

  • You can change this Title, at will. You can use most characters allowable - even Foreign Languages.
  • However, many people search for a blog by Title, as well as URL. You may need to advise them of change

DESCRIPTION - Use this as an opportunity to give a brief story of what the blog is about. You are restricted to 500 characters max. You can use various Foreign language characters in this option. You can also use basic style directives in this section, like <b> ...</b>, and <i> ... </i>.

You do not have to add a description.

ADD YOUR BLOG TO OUR LISTINGS? - This setting determines whether, or not, your blog is linked to by - more specifically, Blogger Homepage, Next Blog, and Blogger Play. If you select 'NO' to this setting, your blog will still be available on the Internet, but not linked to by Blogger. The blog will also be displayed on your profile's 'Set Blogs to Display' page.

Blogger Note: Due to caching, changes to this setting may be slightly delayed.

LET SEARCH ENGINES FIND YOUR BLOG? - By default, blogs are available on the Internet. Search Engines crawl each site looking for updates. Although Google robots crawl regularly, a new blog may take time before it is indexed. If you do not want Search Engines to index your blog, you can add a Meta Tag to the <head> section of your Template.


Continued: - Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.2.

References: 1: Blogger Settings - Basic screen


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