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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.2.

Continued from Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.1.

The lower-half of the Settings - Basic screen is by no less important than the top-half. It does, however, give you a little more in the way of functional options, that you can 'see' at work.

Part 2. - The BOTTOM half.

SHOW QUICK EDITING ON YOUR BLOG? - Quick Editing gives you fast access to edit your page directly, instead of having to navigate back through the Edit Posts screen, find the right post, click 'Edit' etc. The Quick Edit links functionality is due to the use of cookies so the icons ONLY appear when YOU are logged in ...


The icon for quick edit of posts, is the Pencil. Blogger has also introduced another icon for Page Elements and Gadgets. It looks like a Screwdriver and Wrench set.

SHOW EMAIL POST LINKS? - This feature lets your Readers send a copy of your post, by email, to their friends, or themselves. Your email address is NOT compromised, as it doesn't get used!

ADULT CONTENT? - If your blog's content could be interpreted as being unsuitable for viewing by certain people, who may be offended, or could be 'Flagged' as having objectionable content, or is in violation of Blogger, or Google's Terms Of Service, then it is required that you say 'YES' to this setting.
See: Blogger Help

GLOBAL SETTINGS - Applies to all blogs under that Account ID.

SELECT POST EDITOR - 3 choices. see:Blogger Help - An Overview

ENABLE TRANSLITERATION? - Allows you to input word conversions from English to one of selected languages, from a button on the Toolbar. This word can be changed again, from the Post Editor Toolbar.

See also: - How do I use the Transliteration feature?

See also: - Transliteration, or Translation?


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