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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Uploading Images in the Compose Mode Editor

I've written about uploading images before, and I used to be a 'stickler' for Compose Mode - everything I did was in Compose Mode - much to the horror of my friend, and mentor, Nitecruzr. It wasn't so much that I used Compose Mode that horrified him, it was that I constantly switched from Compose Mode to Edit HTML. Little did I know, at the time, the ramifications of doing that, screwed-up HTML and, when I went to EDIT any post, 'Oh, what a nightmare', PLUS - it often produced formatting problems with my links, which I wrote up!

So, having said that, this post was brought about by two reasons:

  • A problem currently being experienced by more bloggers than just me, and
  • Many bloggers will tend to use the Compose Mode - because it's WYSIWYG1!

Uploading images is supposed to be easy - and it is, depending on your experience level. For instance, some reasons for using Compose Mode:

  • I like the Compose Mode, because I can 'see' the images (WYSIWYG), and ...
  • I can upload more images via Compose Mode wizard, than I can in Edit HTML wizard.
  • I was doing this post on 'How to' upload images in Compose Mode. However, -
  • I feel that I can get 5 images onto a post, faster, in HTML Editor, than I can in Compose Mode.

So, after all that, uploading images via the Compose Mode wizard, is basically a five (5) step process:

  • Create a New Post, or 'Edit' an existing post
  • Open the Wizard, by clicking on the toolbar icon
  • Choose which image(s) you want, and from where, then upload them
  • Select which of those uploaded images, and in which order they will appear on your post, you want to download to your post
  • Click on 'Add Selected', to download the images to your post

Image 1.

Image 2.

Image 3.

Image 4.

Image 5.

Easy as! Unless, of course, Blogger has a problem, here - or, there!

See also: - Image Uploading in New Editor - via HTML.

1 - see: Wikipedia


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