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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Alternatives to Deleting a Blog

If you, for whatever reason, have decided that the best way to fix a problem on your blog is to delete the blog, or you just don't want to 'blog' any more, or you have to delete it because of one of a thousand other reasons, I'm sure, people can come up with, first, think of the possible alternatives.

The reason for thinking of alternatives is, that many, many people come to the Blogger Help Forum asking, (you guessed it), "How do I restore my deleted blog?"

I have always suggested making an unused, or unwanted blog, into a Stub Blog. My friend and sage mentor in things blogging, Nitecruzr, is of the same opinion. The reason for this action is explained in this post.

So, apart from deleting an unwanted/unused blog, what alternatives do you have?

Here's a list of things I'd consider - not necessarily in this order:

  • Just forget about it! It won't go anywhere, and won't cost you any money. Hide it!
  • Transfer it to another, less used, Google Account. Store it out of sight, so to speak! Forget about it.
  • Remove the blog from the Google Listings on Settings - Basic.
  • Go to Webmaster Tools, copy the token to stop Search Engines from crawling your blog, paste it on your template, and then, either forget it, or even, make it a Private blog.
  • If it is your ONLY blog, remove ALL personal information from the Profile, and remove the Profile gadget from the blog.
  • Remove ALL posts, and photos, from the blog - delete them properly
  • Make your blog - a Stub Blog
  • Change it from something which has made you dislike it, into something you love!
  • If you don't like the URL - change it! Just make sure you do it the right way!

Remember: Never, never delete your Google Account thinking it is the way to delete a blog. There are always alternatives! Delete in haste, regret in the future!


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