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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Blogger Stats - 2 - What do they tell you?

Understanding Traffic Sources Stats really is a way to grow your blog, especially with Blogger.

Many people leave the same time-worn questions in the Help Forum:

"How do I attract readers to my blog?" Or,
"How do I find where my readers come from?"

There are lots of Statistical Counters on the market. Statcounter and Sitemeter are two great ones, and I think this Blogger one is, too. They all give you roughly the same information. One big difference is that Blogger is here - right on your blog.

In answer to the above questions, I always say - Write, Write, Write. Then, visit, comment, visit some more. Other bloggers1 will probably say the same things. The proof is in the following stats. I do a lot of Blogger Help Forum visiting and helping. This helps get my Profile seen. Hopefully, my answers get readers to visit my blog to read posts, too!

You can see lots of referrals from the Help Forum, where bloggers have seen my links to informative posts. Other blogs have also referred readers to my blogs. Their URLs are listed ...

Site names are also listed as referrals...

Finally, specific search words have brought readers to my blog. That only comes from consistent writing and posting...

It's as plain as the nose on your face - in order to gain readers, you have to do things like:

  • Provide something they are interested in - a reason to visit your blog!
  • Visit other blogs and sites. Get known around the blogosphere.
  • Comment earnestly on other sites, and blogs - leaving your Profile ID, or URL as an invitation to visit your blog

Your Stats will reflect different messages, than mine. Don't just use one source, either. Read all the Stats options and get a picture from what they ALL tell you.

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen. It takes a lot of work!

Speaking of Stats: see:1 blog post - Following/Friend Connect, Stats and ""

and, from the same source1 - Post Editor, Stats and Internet Explorer V9


1 The Real Blogger Status Blog



sue said...

Roberto, I'd like to add that they're fascinating too. I have a couple of posts that get hits week in, week out, and have done for months now. I find it perplexing and have asked for feedback, what the readers like, how I can improve on them, but have never had any replies. No extra followers either. Sometime down the track I'll add to that theme; it'll be interesting to see how the next ones go, or if they flop.

Roberto said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, perplexing is the word!
I also have posts which are hit so often, I would think they are the blogging equivalent of Mike Tyson.
No comments, either.
Makes it frustrating, too, trying to provide info.
Oh, well. Just keep trying.