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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blogger Stats - 3 - What do they tell you?

Continuing from No. 2. in this series, and in celebration of my 400th post on this blog, it is interesting to view the 'Audience' statistics - Pageviews by Browsers. This pie chart divides up all viewings by particular Browsers used, and gives a valuable key to blog presentation.

A long time ago, maybe 2006, many bloggers were experiencing sidebar drop, a phenomenon which still occurs today, but not as often. I can't explain it fully, other than to say that irrespective of what many people think, Browsers exhibit different qualities, and allow viewing differently. In other words, what you see via one Browser, may not be what you see via another.

For example, in 2006, when the sidebar-dropping problem seemed to be at its peak, I read a very interesting post on the possibility of narrower page element width in Internet Explorer Vs. Mozilla Firefox.

I was also a victim of this. One particular reader of mine alerted me to the fact that my blog exhibited sidebar drop when viewed in IE Browser. I had become so blasé that I ONLY viewed my blog via Firefox. Silly mistake, and the above Stats prove it.

People will view your blog via an ever-increasing range of Browsers, and your blog should be viewable to all of them!

One thing, as a lover of Firefox, is that, as you can see, the balance of 'power' is gradually evening-out. The Stats are telling me that Firefox is nearly on par with IE - at least with my readers! They also tell me that it is just as important to ensure my blog is viewable in ALL Browsers!

What about yours?



sue said...

thanks for the reminder Roberto. There's so much to learn (and to tinker with when there's time!) I've been watching the increasing use of mobile devices with interest and must check how it appears there as well.
A question - if is looks cruddy in one browser and you adjust to make it look better, does that have a flow on effect that you need to adjust for others?

Roberto said...

Hi Sue - (bet you're getting colder down there) - thanks.

I've been slack in this department. I tend to post via Firefox and really need a kick in the head for it. I also don't want to go too crazy testing a post via this and that Browser.
I have found, however, that, as a general rule, if you take care of Internet Explorer, then the posts are looking good in other Browsers. The main concern, for me, is that I don't cram the post with images that are too big. That's where bloggers can get caught. It's the old adage about six gallons into a five gallon bucket. Just won't go! If the main page element is 1000 pixels wide, you can't squeeze a photo of 1001 pixels into it, without something 'giving' and it is generally the sidebar...straight to the bottom.
That's my interpretation, anyway.
R is for Roberto (ha)

sue said...

R- Roberto's Report! (two to go for that one)
Yep, getting a bit chilly at night, but beautiful crisp days - I love Autumn in Melbourne! People joke about the weather, but I really do love it. (mostly)
I use a Mac and alternate Chrome and Safari, I always forget to check picture size, and still haven't found time to fix my oversized profile pic, maybe today...

Thanks for the lovely comment I really do appreciate it. They're draining posts to write and I have to be extremely careful not to identify people and places. I'm also trying to create a happy balance between user friendly and formal - bit of a minefield, so all comments reassure me that I'm doing ok. thanks again. Have a good day. Sue

Roberto said...

You're welcome, Sue. I think your blog is Great, and your work is tremendously important.
I have tried my little bit for you:

sue said...

thankyou! That's really kind. Bullying is insidious and horribly damaging but seems to be entrenched and accepted.

I'm touched, honoured and humbled (and a bit emotional too)

Roberto said...

Good on YOU, Sue. You deserve the accolades.
My dad always said; "Emotional is not as good as devotional, and don't bring in the money, like promotional". It didn't work for him, but I like his way of thinking. haha.