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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Blogger Stats - What do they tell you?

Blogger released their feature, Stats, on production (Orange) Blogger, sometime around May, 2010. So, after nearly one year, what can be gleaned from these figures?

I have taken one aspect of the Stats, Audience, to display here. There's a lot of information for a blogger, in these pages. The Audience stats show where your visitors come from, by:

  • Country
  • Which Browser they used
  • Which Operating System they used

Blogger splits these figures up, too. You can view them Now, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All time. Here's three examples...

Weekly -

Monthly -

All Time, (or in my case, Since May, 2010) -

So, what does this information give you? Well, it tells me:

  • ... this week, I got a lot of traffic from Germany! Why?
  • ... this month, 52% of my traffic used Internet Explorer Browser!
  • ... 92% of my traffic used a Windows-based Operating System
  • ... and more!

One thing, in particular, I would use this information for, is to make sure that my blog was equally viewable in Internet Explorer, as it is in Firefox.

Another (presumed) fact is that my German traffic visit my blog because I offer my Language Translation gadget. They can read my blog - at a click on their flag! Russians can, too, and the Dutch, Ukrainians....

Continued - Blogger Stats - 2 - What do they tell you?


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