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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Browsers - a constant battle

Browser Bungles are not new to me. I've been caught before, and I've had my share of sidebar drops.

Today, I was looking at my blog in a few browsers, as I often do, because many bloggers/readers throughout the blogosphere use various browsers to view my blog. It is essential that you blog looks good in as many browsers, as possible. What do you think would happen if your blog looked fantastic in Chrome, or Firefox, yet looked like a squashed pumpkin in Internet Explorer? Don't laugh, because that could happen.

Internet Explorer has, historically, had CSS Model issues, which can cause smaller Page Element allowances.

In support of that, in the following images, you'll see the effect of a narrower main Page element...

Firefox V 4.0 Browser -

Everything looks great (at least to me, it does)! Then, I opened ...

Internet Explorer 9

You don't need a magnifying glass to see the spill around of my new Tabs bar image, under the flags of the Language Translator. This is caused by Microsoft's continued misinterpretation of the CSS Box Model, as discussed in the above Webcredible article.

So, browsers do display things differently, and will, sometimes, force distortion.
I just wish everyone used Firefox! can't please everyone, though. If I fix this to display properly in Internet Explorer, it will look silly in Firefox, I suppose, because I am not sure if I know enough about CSS hacking with ISO values, referred to in Webcredible - nor, whether that is still doable.



Sharon said...

Hello Roberto. You offered a link to a question I had about security warnings (april 28) - thank you. The issue was not exactly the same, but it offered me some idea of what was happening. I really appreciate it. Also glad I found your blog - some really good information here! Thank you, again.

Roberto said...

Hi Sharon
There were problems for a fair few people on the Blogger Help Group, this morning. I wasn't sure if the reply was posted, or not. I think Google is doing something without thought - again!
I like your blog - amazing how a rock that big, can split like that!
The paintings are most comforting, to me.
Oh, how I'd love to be back in your neck of the woods - I loved it north of N.Y.