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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Deleting Images Hosted in Picasa Web Albums

Just recently, I started to look seriously at Picasa Web Albums. I thought it was due for an investigative look-see. The reason was simple. That's where all my blog images are hosted!

I noticed that there were lots of albums listed there, which were of not-used-any-longer blogs, or even stub blogs (because I don't delete blogs!). What possible use were these photos, from old blogs, in an album(s), stored on Picasa? They were only taking up storage space! That is something you do not want - unless you are like me and have heaps of photos hosted on Picasa, but use very little storage space! (Another post). (BTW, you might like to read a post I wrote this morning, on deleting posts with images attached).

So, I set out to delete these unused photos. How do I? Mmm.

It took a few seconds for the penny to drop. I clicked on the album, and the display of photos came up. I saw the Edit option, clicked it, and saw the command I wanted Delete this photo. Great. I deleted all the photos in the album. Easy-peasy!

Picasa has a Help Page1 for this, too.

Now, I need to delete the empty album. See my next post.


1 Picasa Help


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