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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Deleting a Picasa Web Album

From my last post, Deleting Images Hosted in Picasa Web Albums, came the reason for writing this post - Deleting a Picasa Web Album.

Nowhere did I read this advice, before I went crazy(er)...

"You cannot delete a Picasa Web Album, if it still contains a photo!"

Image 1.

OK. Now, having deleted all photos in the album, I was ready to proceed with the execution, sorry, deletion.

Image 2.

Once again, Picasa Help1...

Image 3.

Now, for something you should bear in mind. It says, in the next image that it may take 24 hrs, or so, for the album to come off the 'web.

It also says that any links to this photo album will NOT work.

Image 4.


1 Picasa Help


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