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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Deleting a Post - What happens to the Images?

What happens to the images which were published on a post - if the post is deleted?

All images uploaded to a blog, via the Blogger Photo Uploading Wizard, will be stored on Picasa Web Albums. They will remain there until you remove them - one way, or another.

If you just click Delete, your images will remain in your Picasa Web Album, for that blog.

Just clicking Delete...

The images will remain in your Picasa Album...

However, if you place a tick in the little check-box next to each image, on the deletion GUI ...

...the photos you checked, will be deleted from the Picasa Web Album - forever! Only images from another post, on that blog, will remain.

Just something to be mindful of, if you want to delete a post, with images!
I presume deleting multiple posts at one time, may, or may not, provide this option. I haven't tried/tested that theory!

p.s. If you intend to delete the blog, as well, or transfer the control of it, to another account, you should also be aware of how this will affect your Images.



H A W T Blog said...

Deleting multiple posts does not provide the window to delete the Picasa images... they remain.

In another post you mentioned all the different albums that get created (I have 88 albums??), so if you delete 4 posts through Edit Posts, you then have to try and figure out what album(s) they are in!!

It is crazy to me that Picasa does not provide a filename search. If you have a pic called JohnDoe123.jpg, doing a search on Google will display the pic, but the same search in Picasa comes up with nothing, even when the pic has been properly coded with title=JohnDoe123 and alt=JohnDoe123.

I have even used one of the webmaster tools to try to get a specific pic blocked in G Search and it still shows up...

H A W T Blog said...

I correct the last statement, using the Webmaster Tool did work :)

Roberto said...

Thanks for that info, HAWT.
I didn't know about multiple posts, as I hadn't tested for it. It does follow that you would need to delete images individually, though, now I think on it.