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Friday, 29 April 2011

Google / Blogger - Reset Forgotten Password

Something always goes wrong - eventually.

Today, I wanted to sign-on to one of my blogs, which has a Google Account, based on a email address. This is what I got because I had forgotten the Password (temporarily), though I did have it written down, and remembered where ...

I opened the blog, using another Google Account, based on a Gmail address, and then immediately checked the Settings - Permissions screen, to see if I was trying to log-on to the wrong blog. Sure enough, I wasn't dreaming. My account was listed there - plain as day. I clicked on the name, to see the Profile!

For the sake of this post, I clicked on the "Can't Access Your Account" button, and went through the process to reset my password ...

This is the screen where you enter the Email account that you forgot the password for:

Solve the Word Captcha:

Select the method for receiving the Reset Code. I chose by mobile phone:

The SMS (Text) Message reads:

"Your Google Verification Code is: 123456 (example only)"

Then, you enter the code in the following box, and then reset your password on the next screen following this one (which I did not do for this exercise):

All done.


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