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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Known Issue - Known Issues is NOT updated

The header on this very-much used Blogger blog, reads;

"The latest on what's still a problem, what's getting fixed, and what's been taken care of, direct from the Blogger team."

It looks impressive, doesn't it? It's like most of Blogger's blogs, though. Does it have a function other than as a space-filler? Does it actually do anything? Does anyone ever update it?

Now, don't get me too wrong, here, I do use Known Issues nearly every day, as I like to know what's happening, before I go on the Help Forum and try to assist bloggers who have problems, but if the information is over a year old, what good is it to me? eg: Don't try to tell me that Blogger hasn't had a problem with Follower / Friend Connect, since August 2009 - and - don't try to tell me that problems have not been fixed since then! Well, according to Known Issues, that's the case ...

These people who work at Blogger - engineers, programmers, or whatever, need to get a dose of reality.

"Communication", as Jordan, Blogger Employee, said, on Friday, 13th October, 2006 - just before Blogger to Blogger Beta Migration, "is something we know is important and are working to increase."

Well, they haven't progressed very far!


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