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Monday, 4 April 2011

Reporting Abuse

Once upon a time, Blogger had a Flag Blog button, on the Navbar, and it looked like this (sorry about the poor image):

Many bloggers often wrote in to the Help Forum, confused as to how the Flag Button worked. They often clicked it by mistake, too, and thought their blogs would be lost - instantly, overnight! The Flag Blog button didn't do much of anything, really. It just clicked. There was no pop-up screen with options. It was hard to tell if you had clicked it! Blogger, of course, isn't the kind of Company to remove a blog because of a mistake, and would NEVER take a blog down, because of ONE report, or Flag - unless it was an extreme violation!

Bloggers often removed their Navbars, too - especially if they used FTP hosting! So, without a Navbar in place, how would someone report the blog for Abuse? How would you Flag a blog with NO Navbar? Well, it was similar to the process for today's scenario.

Nowadays, with the New Blogger, the Flag Blog button has changed to something more recognisable for its intended use. The Navbar now has a button called Report Abuse. I'm sure that no-one will write in asking what that is:

When you click on that Report Abuse button, you are taken to this screen:

As you see, there are 8 options. Blogger1 treats T.O.S. Violations very seriously. Blogger may remove content, or place a content warning page before viewing content deemed offensive, harmful, or dangerous, such as:

However, Blogger1 believes in Freedom of Expression, and not everything you think would cause a blog to be removed, does. For instance, here are some examples of content Blogger will not remove unless provided with a court order:

  • Personal attacks or alleged defamation
  • Parody or satire of individuals
  • Distasteful imagery or language
  • Political or social commentary

See here1:

Remember the Report Abuse button on the Navbar. It's there for your use - and Reader assurance!


1 Blogger Help - How can I report abuse?


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