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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Strange Happenings!

A strange occurrence seems to be happening with Google Chrome Browser. I'm not the only blogger who has noticed this, either. One particular blogger has reported getting Warnings - ..

"I am getting security warnings that Blogger Sign in page is not secure - WHY?"

Perhaps, these two various inconsistencies are connected?

Of course, you would never sign-on to a non-encrypted screen! The sign-on screen should NOT have a red cross through the padlock, nor a red line through the https:// protocol.

This is what you want to look for ...

What truly worries me, is the many people who do not pay attention - and don't see this problem - this security risk!

... and here's another one...

A couple of times, when replying to a question in the Blogger Help Forum, I have clicked 'Post Reply' to find this ...

A reply full of, Chinese (I think) text! WT?

I'm doing everything I know of, to find out - why - on all counts!



Sharon said...

That's exactly what I've been seeing. And the puzzling and worrying part of it is, that it only started this past Saturday. Before that it always seemed to be a secure "https" message. - Using Goggle Chrome as my browser. My alternative is to use IE as my browser. I get a secure "htpps" message on "blogger" sign -in, but lately you need to be a magician to use IE to perform blogging tasks. So, sign in on an unsecure page or waste hours trying to figure out how to overcome the IE "blogger task" nightmare. I am so happy you are taking this seriously. Blogger "Help" does not seem the least bit interested. Thank you.
Also, thanks for your visit. I answered your comment and would have sent it on...BUT!!! ;-)

Roberto said...

Hi there, Sharon,
I can assure you, that TCs like Nitecruzr, AiresOfWar, DarkUFO and myself, et al, do take your problems very seriously - that's why we give of our time. The problem lies with Blogger - getting THEM to take things seriously, is a problem - because they get so many - and, until a large number of bloggers start reporting these problems, it's not 'worth their while' to research it. It's up to us.
having said that, I am researching why, and will, hopefully, find an answer.
BTW - your blog is great, and I am now Following it.

Sharon said...

A fast follow-up to your post. The Chinese type(?)WT? I received three e-mails with exactly that as the message! Strange happenings, indeed. Thank you, again, Roberto!

Sharon said...

I just saw your response. Forgive me if my initial comment of Blogger "Help" dragging it's feet was confusing. I meant the problem seems to be Blogger - but the "Help" link is the only access to Blogger - I am totally grateful for your list of names, yourself included, of people who do answer and help. Everyone's problems are very real problems. My concern about this issue in particular is it seems to be a security issue that could compromise everyone trying to access Blogger on Google Chrome. I've noticed it all week.

BTW - Thank you. Feeling's mutual. Following you, too!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Roberto .. I've had odd things happen - but I start again .. or just ignore that 'task' .., move away and go elsewhere .. but I'll check for specifics ..

Cheers and thanks for the help here .. Hilary

Sharon said...

Hello Roberto, Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your follow-up information. I agree with you. Totally. I think there is more to the situation than Google Chrome's explanation.

Ready for a laugh? This is my second attempt now to leave this message. I wrote a longer one. I needed to sign in. I did the word verification. Chose my Google Account Identity and clicked on preview. I got taken to Blogger's sign-in page - and the window's pop up warning about "secure & insecure items" arrived - first time in ages. Waltzed me around in circles until the page expired. Lovely. It's always amusing in Blogland.

I'm taking your advice, friend! And sending you a major thank you.

Bob said...

Tx, Sharon. Sorry to hear you're having problems, but I really do think they may settle down with a change of Browser.
I wish I knew more for you - and that you weren't 14,000 miles away, or whatever - too far for a cuppa!

You're welcome - anytime.

Sharon said...

Bob, your advice is greatly appreciated. I am learning to just deal with whatever the day brings! It seems that right now both Chrome & IE are having "issues".

There is quite a distance, in earth miles, between us. It's moments like this that put all the www "issues" in perspective. The "good part" far outweighs "the problems".

Thank you.