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Monday, 4 April 2011

Yahoo Sitemaps - Adding Your Site

Getting your blog in front of as many people as possible requires you to get it 'crawled' by Search Engines. Readers come from many diverse places, via many diverse sources, via many diverse methods.

Readers will search for topics of their interest - Cooking, Music, Books etc. If you have a blog on an interesting topic(s), it is essential then, that you have it 'listed' by as many Search Engines, as possible. It is also essential that you 'understand' how the system1 works!

There are many Search Engines, too. Google is one, and Yahoo is another. Their main function, is to 'serve' their customers. They index various sites, or pages, on the Internet, for their customers' information searches. This is the basis for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)... see1 above, - and therefore, your blog's reputation.

To assist the Search Engines in correctly indexing your site, or pages on your site, a Sitemap is very helpful. Just like driving through the country - a map is handy! Google assists you to provide that Sitemap, and so do most other Search Engines, like Yahoo.

Yahoo provides Yahoo Site Explorer2.

Part of adding Sitemaps, is to add either a Verification file to your site, or a META tag to your template - for Authentication. Adding a META Tag is fast - and easy!

This post will show the routine involved in adding sites to Yahoo Site Explorer2, and just how easy it is. Of course, you have to log-in to Yahoo first - either with a Yahoo ID (or, create one), a Google ID, a Twitter ID, or even a Facebook ID...

Step 1 - Selecting whether to add a Website, or a Web-page, or Adding a Site Feed.

Step 2 - Adding your website URL.

Step 3 - Selecting whether to add a Verification file, or a META Tag.

Step 4 - Copy the META Tag for adding to your Template (Step 5)

Step 5 - Adding the META Tag to your blog Template

Step 6 - Click Ready to Authenticate, after placing the META Tag.

Step 7 - Your list of sites on My Sites

Yahoo Site Explorer2 also offers their blog for you, among other things, such as Preferences for notices by Email, and Feedback. It also offers ...

Adding a Yahoo Badge to your Page, or Blog - for the purposes of Statistics. This script would be added to your blog via an HTML/JavaScript gadget.

One extra item of interest when talking of Sitemaps, is that you will often times, not update for a while - maybe months. For instance, with Google, you can Ping Google Sitemaps, to ensure that the spiders crawl your blog.

You need to enter your blog Feed URL into this wizard. (See also:3 below.)


1 - The Real Blogger Status blog - Blogger Magic - Search Engine Indexing

2 - Yahoo Site Explorer

3 - The Real Blogger Status blog - Adding A Google Sitemap To Your Blog

For further information on Sitemaps, see: The Real Blogger Status blog - Google Webmaster Tools


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