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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Asking for Help in Blogger Help Forum

It really is getting difficult to help bloggers in the Help Forum.

This is what I found today, among others ... (give me a break!)

Honestly, how would this person expect someone to help? Not only does she commit a cardinal sin, by advertising her email address instead of her blog URL, she seems to think we (helpers) are mind readers!

  • Is it so difficult to provide some helpful information?
  • Do people think we are going to steal their ID, or blogs, if they do?
  • Is it a secret?

Asking for help requires bloggers to at least give helpers basic information. Asking for help is primarily a self-help situation - help us to help YOU.

I don't think I can stand it much longer.



Siv Maria said...

Dear whoever you are, Don't despair! I could not read the little box you put up in frustration so I do not know why you are so deflated but I can tell you this; There must be many people (Bloggers) out there that benefit from your help. I have not needed it yet but I am so happy you are there if I do.***cheerleader leader, jumping up and down and screaming for you! "GO Team Go!"***

Bob said...

Ha Ha Ha - How could I not smile and feel better, now?

Thanks for that uplifting vote of confidence, and support, Siv.

I am Roberto - and I follow your blog, too!

Siv Maria said...

There you are Roberto, nice to meet you. I know it is easy to feel discouraged at times and also alone. I do have your back though, so if you need me just scream. A little loud though, I am kind of far away from you:)

Sharon said...

Hello Roberto,

A MAJOR ROUND OF APPLAUSE - for you - and all the other Brave Blogger "Help-ers".

When I've noticed weird things happening - or not happening - and wonder what's up, I first try to search "Blogger Help" to see if it's an issue other's are dealing with. Do that once, and you realize what a daunting task it must be for all the Blogger "Help"-ers!

For all you do - A GIANT THANK YOU!
You are all appreciated far more than you realize.

Bob said...

Thank you to you both, Siv Maria and Sharon.
As I wrote, it's not easy being a helper in the forum. We try our best, and often get stymied by the fact that we are not given correct, or adequate information by the asker.

Still, that's life, I suppose.

Siv Maria - sorry, I did start Following your blog a week, or so, ago, but removed my icon to re-new it, and forgot to replace it. Your Follower gadget also seems to be 'squashed-up' into the sidebar.

Sharon, I have NOT forgotten you. I have done some testing on the security of Chrome. I also mentioned it in a forum of Helpers. The Chrome TC seems to think it's a 'Google thing', and not a cause for worry? I don't agree, however.

Sharon said...

Sincerely, Roberto, Thank you! And I saw your earlier comment about Internet Browsers and I will take your advice.

Bob said...

Goodo, Sharon. Yes, Firefox is (to my thinking) the best Browser on the 'net. The version I use is V.4.0.1
It's so much better than IE9, or Chrome.
Good luck, my friend.

sue said...

I'm joining Siv and Sharon with rounds of cheers and applause (note we are three S people, obviously Special!) that probably makes a nice triangulation from around the world!

I know it's incredibly frustrating, but if it is any help at all, remember not all people are totally 'with it' they may have acquired brain injuries, suffering paranoia etc, it doesn't make it easier, but I find it helps me cut a little slack.

If that doesn't help, have a good beer! I'm sure you're too wise to post comments after indulging!

Thankyou for the other help. I feel very supported by your vote of confidence. Breathe deeply, and look after yourself. Sue

Bob said...

Oh, Sue - you're a champ. I was thinking of you and your hubby the other night - drinking all that champers!
I wished I could've joined you!

You are always welcome to any help I can give.

I also have (am developing) a new blog called Help at Roberto's Blogs - listing heaps of URLs for helpful sites - as I come across them.