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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crazy Happenings!

I know there are challenges with Blogger, at present, but, golly-gosh, this is crazy!

I am writing this post, when I am NOT officially, logged-on! How's that possible?

I logged-on earlier, with one Gmail account, and went to my Dashboard for that account - to see the Dashboard for an account I was NOT logged-on to! How's that possible?

I logged-off from one Gmail account - and couldn't! How's that possible?

I sent an Invitation from one blog, to another Gmail account that I have. I opened the email, accepted the Invitation, and it opened up the Dashboard of an account I wasn't even logged-in to! How's that possible?

I wonder if it works with Bank Accounts? I'll try Bill what-his-name's, or Warren thinga-me-bob's. hahaha

Crazy happenings, to be sure!



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. I too have problems when I'm commenting - it'll bomb me out, when I'm logged on already with my gmail .. in the end I fudge it by enter my name and the http details, I don't want to go in as anonymous .. sometimes it takes - sometimes it comes back with do not leave comment field empty in bright red - when I'd filled it in .. I'm wisish now & copy the comment - just in case ..

It is very odd .. as long as it works for the moment I'll be grateful .. ?! Cheers Hilary

Bob said...

Well, it worked that time, Hilary!
it's been a crazy week, or so, with Google.
I just hope it all ends, soon. It's driving me nutso, too!
I think it's all to do with Google trying to restore what went wrong on the 13th!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob ... yours is alright .. it pops out .. I prefer them when they pop out individually and I can take the box up and down commenting as I read either the post or others comments.

However if they're embedded underneath the post I have to go into IE from Chrome and then wait while it clicks through numerous times .. and sometimes I want to leave to early and then the loop kicks in ..

I've just lost another comment on another blog - I left that one .. some I make the effort to go back ..

Cheers Hilary

Bob said...

Ha, I was just reading Judy Croome's letter on YOUR blog, when your comment came in! How's that for co-incidence?

yes, I have 'full-page' comments selected, rather embedded, or pop-up. Too many problems with those options in the past.

I would imagine that lost comments would be restored, sometime (hopefully).
Tx, Hilary.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. nope the comments never get taken .. I just get bombed right out!

Since I did the A - Z challenge I changed to pop out and love it .. and have had no problems that I'm aware of ...

My post is about a present I won over at Judy's blog and I just love her Africa connections .. so I posted her pictures ...

then I wrote about the fun I was able to share with Mum opening the presents - she's been bedridden for over 4 years now .. so those kind of days make such a big difference to both of us and the staff ..

Cheers Hilary

Sharon said...

Hello Bob, Yeah, me too. Everything you're saying. I'm signed in on my dashboard - but not on the actual blog view. I can comment on one blog and everything is fine - comment posts. Next blog comment, I am asked to sign in - cause now I'm not/but I am. It seems Blogger wishes to give us all a very real lesson in existentialism.

Bob said...

Yes - I see it, but I don't believe it!
Google stuffed-up with their maintenance update, then stuffed-up fixing the stuff-up, I think.
I'll just wait. Do what I can, and drink lotsa coffee!


Thanks to all my friends for your comments.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. I'm not sure if you've seen this site - but if not you might be interested in this post, written yesterday 26th May:

Cheers - I have yet to read your other recent posts - always informative - I'll get there! Hilary

Bob said...

Hi Hilary - obviously, you haven't seen the blogs I am a member of! haha