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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Following Vs. Subscribing to Vs. Bookmarking

If you are like me, you may have a blog which is rarely, if ever, updated. Such is the case with my homepage blog. It just sits there with information on it - hopefully, that people will use to link to my other sites.

When I see readers Following that blog, I wonder why. It won't be updated, and there will be no feed from it, so Subscribing to the blog will also prove fruitless.

This started me thinking that perhaps those readers should have used the Bookmark feature on their Browser. If they just wanted to 'tag' that page/blog for future reference, or access, then Bookmarking would have been best. I use Firefox Browser, in preference to any other available. Most Browsers have this facility, I'm sure. Internet Explorer has its Favorites, Chrome, does too, I think.

With Firefox, I can set up Folders on a Tabs bar, and add sites to those folders, by clicking and dragging from the address bar - or, I can just Bookmark them - ad hoc. For reference later, I find this a lot easier than logging-on to Blogger Dashboard, and searching the Reading List, or searching through Google Reader for that blog/site.

You can see from the above image, that I have a number of folders - under each folder may be sub-folders, too. But, if I wanted a particular site, and I had bookmarked it, I know where it would be, and I can quickly click to find it!

Subscribing to a blog's Feed, or Site Feed, is a great way to get updates from a blog - if that blog updates regularly. Following a blog almost fits the same scenario exactly, as it relies on Feed traffic, inter alia. I am still trying to fully understand why some readers use Follower instead of a Subscription! Apart from the obvious Social platform benefits, and the quick-sites-surfing, the Follower gadget just takes up space in sidebars, to display, and provides much the same information, as subscribing. I have the gadget on my blogs because readers tend to look for it, now. They expect it to be there, I presume.

At least, with Bookmarking, or Subscription via Google Reader, I don't have to remember which Profile ID I used, if I wish to 'Stop'. I just ditch the site! Done!

Of course it is your choice, and I am not suggesting one way is better than another, I am simply providing options.



Siv Maria said...

You brought up a good point!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. I have to look into these to understand the differences and get the most efficient set up .. thanks for the information ..

When you've found out some more info - I'll be pleased to read it! I don't fully understand the follower gadget either .. and must work out what's what ..

Thanks - cheers - Hilary