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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Logging-on, Logging-off, and Can't Post Comments

A friend contacted me yesterday, asking if I had heard of any problems with logging-in, and leaving Comments on blogs...

"It keeps asking me to log in, but doesn't tell me my password is incorrect, then just flips back to the same screen again. I also tried to comment on someone's blog, and it asks me to log in again, but won't let me."

I did notice a marked slowness with Blogger, but that was about it. At the time, there were no real reports in the Forum, concerning this problem. Guesswork isn't my favourite pastime, either, so I set about trying to find out. Later, last night, my friend once again contacted me to say logging-on happened without a Password being entered! Weird, or what?

I thought it may be connectivity problems. It's difficult to test a computer which is 1000 miles away.
I suggested to clear the cache and Google/Blogger (Only) Cookies. Reboot the Browser, try another Browser, try another computer, try another account email.

I suggested that it might have something to do with Google/Blogger's restoration of missing posts from the May 13th debacle, and that forgetting about blogging for a few hours might be the best. That's all I could do. I went to bed.

This morning, I see that Blogger has acknowledged there is a problem, and they are investigating.

My friend, Nitecruzr, wrote up a problem report on a similar theme.

Reading some of the questions in the Forums, also made we aware of the drastic steps some bloggers take, when something out of their control, happens...

"I cant access my account. I have reset my password doesn't let me in went to the help forum and that keeps saying my URL isn't valid can do anything and have NO access to my account Called the help phone number from the internet and lady on the phone said go to Google help that's all I can tell you."

I have to ask; "Why would you reset a Password?" Your Password was working OK at five o'clock, it will still be OK at six o'clock - even if Google crashes! System problems like these, are NOT a Password problem! When something like this happens, don't go crazy and change things - there's generally nothing you can do. Pack it in and watch TV. Certainly do NOT change your password. People have to start to learn what is, and what isn't, a system/Google problem.

This article by Google Employee, Mr.Evan, should be read, too. "Keeping your Gmail account safe"

As Billy Joel suggested; "Don't go changin...."



sue said...

ah ha! Good advice there Roberto. Chill, and the problem will sort itself out!

BTW we got a call from an unknown soul this morning telling us they were from Microsoft, and were calling to fix a known issue. So that particular scam is alive and well. Presumably they're making money from it or they would have stopped phoning.

Bob said...

Tx, Sue - yes, it does pay to wait sometimes! Unfortunately, something going wrong does panic people. I know, as I have been there, done that.

That phone scam is similar to the one I was referring to last week, in the Microsoft Does Not post.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. there's one blogger blog I cannot post on .. I've got round the others .. and that blogger doesn't have an email - so can't email to say please post for me!

Oh well .. this has been going for some while .. pre May in my life ..

But if they've realised they've got another problem perhaps it'll get sorted out .. cheers Hilary