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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Microsoft Does NOT

One particularly nasty scam being perpetrated by Call Centres, in India, is the "Windows Malicious Software Update".


Please view the following link story, and view the video link!

A prominent Australian TV program, A Current Affair, broadcast a story tonight, concerning Call Centre scammers, and their attacks on unsuspecting folk...

"A Current Affair investigates the latest phone and computer scam emptying the bank accounts of Australians. Find out how to stop criminals accessing your computers and exploiting your personal information"

These scams are widely ranging and have been written about in many, many forums, all over the Internet. Google for them, just to see the sheer volume of the problem!

Apparently, the scammers call, by phone, pretending to represent Microsoft. They trick the receiver into taking part in an innocent-sounding survey. They solicit information from the victim, and then, days later, call back to say that there are problems on your computer, which only they can 'fix'. Having said that they represent Microsoft, or similar large companies, some victims are being duped into allowing these criminals access to their computers - and the scammers are quick to seize your computer - right under your nose!

Some victims (see video), can actually see the cursor moving on their screen, as the scammers delete programmes, and or, access account information, and personal ID information.

Remember: Don't give any information to any caller!
Remember: Microsoft does not send Updates by EMAIL!
Remember: There is NO refund on stupidity - although some banks will credit your account under certain conditions.



sue said...

Very timely. This happened to a friend of mine last week. She is very naive technologically speaking and was just about to allow access when her son walked into the room, listened in to the conversation, grabbed the phone from her hand, terminated the call and gave her a sound telling off. Very sneaky and very scummy scammers.

Bob said...

Too true, Sue, and it's unfortunately, people from India, who seem to be the perpetrators in this, and many other scams.

How many Grandies, or 'newbies' out there have a computer, and a phone? They are prime targets for these slime-buckets!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. I've seen this warning elsewhere this week - and it's a very good thing to know about ..

.. why we humans react to phone calls from unknown sources I'll never know ..

Glad you've reiterated here .. especially reading Sue's comment above ..

Cheers - Hilary

Bob said...

Hi Hilary!
I think that humans are inherently trusting critters, and, unfortunately, we're often left aghast and hurting, as a result.
As Sue described them - they are "Very sneaky and very scummy scammers".