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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spinning Wheel in New Editor - again!

Last night, on the Blogger Help Forum, many bloggers reported their inability to post, or edit posts, or basically, do anything, because of an ever-spinning wheel (of death).

This is a recurrence of the same problem which happened in January of this year, and was supposed to have been fixed. Obviously, it may be a recurring problem. Of course, Known Issues reported nothing except the result of the January problem, as engineers, on a Sunday nights, State-side, I would imagine, are thin-on-the-ground.

I had the problem, too, like all the rest, but I remembered that last time, I switched from the New Editor, back to the Old Editor. This seemed to be a plausible, and successful, work-around, although once used to the New Editor, going back is somewhat uncomfortable for many of the 'newbies'.

The Spinning Wheel...

Go to your Settings - Basic screen, scroll down to Global Settings, and click on Old Editor under the option Select Post Editor. Then, click Save Settings.

Don't forget to always have a quick look at Known Issues, to see if a problem has been reported...

Don't forget to keep checking that the problem has been rectified, or not, so you can revert to New Editor.



sue said...

Thanks Roberto. That was so frustrating, but it was good to drop by and realise it wasn't just me! I've mentioned you on the post with a thankyou. Sue

Bob said...

Thanks, Sue!
BTW - have a look-see at the TABS bar on Great Blogs!

hope you like it!

sue said...


Love the purple! There's some great looking blogs there - I just wish I had more time to wander around. ah well, some day it'll happen.

Now I'm going to see what these networked blogs are.

Sharon said...

Hello Bob, Oh yeah, 'Spinning Wheel, got to go 'round' - and 'round and 'round and 'round. Thanks for the tip!

I'm now looking at blogging tasks as a way to multitask. Whatever today's problem is - plus some Zen Meditation. Deep breath, exhale...

Lavender Darwin said...

That's some handy info!