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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Strange Characters Appearing in Labels

One blogger reports:

"It says there is one post attached to this label but when I click on it, nothing comes up. I don't know how to delete this. Can anyone help? Thanks!!"

What he/she is reporting is that there are strange characters, of even stranger origin, in the Labels applied to a post. I mentioned these characters last week in my post, 24 Hours of Nothing!

They are some sort of Font-style character, which I have seen before, somewhere, but can't remember.

There is NO need to worry about them, either. It is all a by-product of Google's work on restoring the system after their monumental stuff-up, last week. I suspect that they have stuffed-up the restoration of the stuff-up, as well.

The characters in question, look exactly the same as these, which appear on one of Bloggers own sites

Please do NOT panic, change things, or reset any Passwords! This should return to 'normal', sooner than later.


1 comment:

sue said...

oh deary me, I guess it's almost becoming entertaining wondering what will happen next!