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Friday, 6 May 2011

Transferring Ownership of a Blog - 2

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Transferring Ownership of a blog, as I discussed before, really is a simple task - BUT - you have to be careful. It is easy to make a mistake, if you don't pay attention. Removing the 'old' account should be a last resort - and only done when you are sure the 'new' account has working 'Admin' privileges.

Don't forget - if you do remove the original account from the blog, and you have images on that blog, the images are stored on Picasa and the Picasa account stays with the original account! If you delete that account - so goes your photos!

So, you are ready to perform the task of Transferring Ownership. In this scenario, we'll pretend that 'Bob' wishes to add another of his own accounts, and remove himself from the blog.

It's best to use two Browsers for this task. Also, if you use a non-Google email account for membership, you should read this post.

As you can see in this next image, there are currently 4 'Administrators' for this blog. That is, 4 people who 'own', can post, change, delete, or whatever, on this blog.
'Bob' is the first listed. He wants to remove himself, but leave 4 'Admins' on the blog - so, in effect, he is replacing himself, and transferring his ownership 'share' ...

Step 1. - An Invitation must be sent to the 'other' account. In this case, we are presuming the 'invitee' already has a Google Account, perhaps blogs, too. If not, he will be asked to create an account when he accepts the Invitation.

Step 2. - The Invitation must be accepted. So, the 'invitee' opens his email account, and accepts the Invitation ...

Step 3. - If nothing else is done, the blog now has 4 'Admins' and 1 'Author' - a 'Team Blog'. The 'invitee' can post on the blog. However, we need to make him into an 'Admin', so that 'Bob' can transfer his ownership share of the blog. That's easy. Just click on 'Grant Admin Privileges' ...

Step 4. - Now, we have 5 'Admins' on the blog (you could have 100 if you liked). At this stage, before any 'removing' is done, I always test myself to see if I have full Admin. privileges, by accessing various screens - like Settings - Permissions!

Now, 'Bob' has to remove himself from the blog membership, or, as another test of his new privileges, the new Admin. could remove 'Bob'.

'Bob' is now history, on that blog (- although his memory lingers on! Ha ha.)

That's how easy it is to Transfer ownership. It's the same for a one-owner blog, too. Just go through the steps, as outlined - slowly! Do it right!

Once again, it's time to clear the Browser Cache, and Cookies!


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