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Friday, 10 June 2011

Dating Your Posts - the Correct Way!

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Back in January, my mate wrote a very good post on the subject of the World Wide Blogger Culture, and Date Formatting1.

It doesn't take very long for things to change in the Blogger World, either, and a change has taken place in the way the date is handled by Blogger. Now, the Post Editor has two options for handling date - 'Automatic', and 'Scheduled at'. The possibility of inputting the date in the wrong way, has been eliminated.

So, what was the wrong way? As discussed in Chuck's post1 (above), many Europeans, and Australians, (foreigners), write the date dd/mm/yy, or 10/06/11. This could cause problems with the scheduling of a post, and often did, and, as Blogger is American, we should write our date in the American way, to avoid any confusion. Well, Blogger has fixed that. Yay!

Normal posting date is on Automatic, so you can't change it, until after you publish it, if you want to. It will work off your Settings - Formatting date settings. Naturally, if the Time-Zone is not correct, the date will be screwy! So, Blogger does it to suit Blogger - eliminating possible errors by bloggers.

The Scheduled at date, and time, is where you can change the date/time to suit your requirements. If you want to pre-publish a post, or back-date a post, to change its order, this is where you do it.

Maybe, it's a good idea when using a computer, that, as you are probably using American programs and software - Windows, Blogger, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, that you should have all settings in English US? I do, but I ignore the lousy US spell-check. Will they ever get it correct? ha.

Mmmm, I'll leave discussion on that one, alone. It's up to you.


1 - Nitecruzr's blog, The Real Blogger Status



Zuzu's Petals said...

I had no idea you could back date a previous post. Thanks for the tip. Did you know this post has no title?

Bob said...

Tx, Zuzu!
Must be thinking too much.

Sharon said...

Hello Bob, Interesting post. I'm from the U.S., but always liked the non-U.S. way of writing dates. Sorry we are becoming the standard. Now about Spell Check - they will never get it right, but it's always good for a laugh.

Bob said...

Hi Sharon,
How's the plans for Paris?

The quip about spelling, was aimed primarily at my friend, Chuck. He's always stirring me about English-Au and British this, etc.

Cheers, my friend!