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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Creating a Blogger Blog

One of my pet hates, in any guide to creating a Blogger blog, is the way Blogger ignores one of the most important features of a Blogger blog - the Settings! It is also the reason I started a series of posts on the subject.

Even in their Video Tutorial, this vital aspect is ignored - totally ...

I think this apparent over-sight, is one of the main reasons bloggers have to ask questions like these, in the Help Forum ...

  • How do I adjust the date on my blog? It's showing tomorrow's date, and my blog publishes hours later than I want it too! - see: Settings - Formatting - 'Time Zone'
  • I made a mistake in the naming of my blog (URL). Also, how can I change the spelling of my Title? - see: Settings - Publishing - 'Blog*Spot Address' (URL) and, then Settings - Basic - 'Title'
  • My blog doesn't appear in Next blog. Why? - see: Settings - Basic - 'Add Your Blog to our Listings?'
  • How do I see and approve, or delete Comments before they are published on my blog? - see: Settings - Comments - 'Comments Moderation'
  • How do I make my blog Private? - see: Settings - Permissions - 'Who can view this blog?'
  • ...and many, many more...
I can only ask why. There seems no logical answer, except that Blogger must think every new blogger is an experienced Internet user, or computer geek/nerd.

Don't forget the importance of the Settings!



Zuzu's Petals said...

Good post. I agree that much of Blogger design is left to user intuition. As for time zone settings, nothing I do sets my clock so it rolls over at midnight, even though I set it to GMT-5. The rest of my Google apps work as they should, but not my blog, where a new day starts at 8:00 PM. When I review my stats, I want to know what's occurred since midnight to now. Instead, I get 24 hours from whatever time I am looking. Frustrating.

Bob said...

Hi Zuzu
GMT (-05.00) is Eastern Time US? Is that New York, or Canada? I'm in OZ, so am unfamiliar with those time-zones.
If you let me know, I'll try to find out why you're having problems.

Zuzu's Petals said...

Hi Bob, yes I am in the US (NYC/Bogota time). I posted this question on the Google help forum a while back and was told that the rollover at 8:00 PM for my stats was likely due to Google being in CA, but that makes no sense (especially as it's a 4-hour difference, and CA is 3 hours behind). I run a forum where the server is in one location and my client in another, and it still manages to show me the correct clock time. That's why we have timezone offsets. ;-)

My Settings > Formatting > Time Zone page is set properly to (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time. It frustrates me that I can't get this to work, when all other settings on Google are correct, including mail.

Bob said...

Wow, I see. That would drive me nuts. Let me have it for a while, I'll make some enquiries, and be back to you.

Zuzu's Petals said...

Thank you! Don't put yourself out on my account, though. I suspect I am not the only one having timezone issues, but maybe it doesn't bug others as much as it does me.

Bob said...

That's OK - I am interested to find out the 'whys and wherefores', when I can.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Now I've looked - perfectly useless video .. we really need these extra details - so essential to our happy blogging experience ..

Thanks Bob - great observations .. cheers Hilary

Bob said...

Thanks Hilary!