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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Deleting Your Google Account is Not a Good Idea - for many reasons!

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Many bloggers have a reason to change their blogs from one account's ownership, to another. This is easy enough to do, but, what happens to the images which have been posted to that blog, via the Post Editor image upload wizard?

The images are stored on Picasa Web Albums, and this is one of the many reasons why deleting your Google Account is not a good idea!

Your Picasa Web Album is attached to a particular Google Account - namely, the one used to upload the images.

A blog which is transferred from one account's ownership, to another account's ownership, as in 'Team Blogs - How do I move a blog between accounts?', will still display the images...

BUT - (and there is always a 'but') ...

If you delete the original Google Account, to which the Picasa Web Albums account is attached, the images will be lost because you will also delete the Picasa Web Album!

What can you do? Well, you do, however, have choices:

  • Upload all the images again from your source folder - from scratch.
  • Maintain your existing Google Account with the Picasa Web Album attached, which isn't difficult - or
  • You can Transfer the Picasa Web Album to your new Picasa Account - which must be set-up on a Google Account! They'll tell you that.

Option 1 above, is not worth considering, really.
Option 2 above, is a no-hassle, no problem, option. Keep it, forget it's there. Just remember the Password and ID.
Option 3 above is limited. Listen very carefully - you can only use this option once! Read the information provided by Google on the above link - carefully... eg:

Note: You can't use your former Picasa Web Albums username as your new Google Account username. Also, the tool won't overwrite your photos even if your target account has existing photos and videos.

Note: Please read this carefully, it's not the usual yada yada. The account migration can't be undone, and the Picasa account you transfer your photos and videos to, won't have the option to migrate to another Picasa account in the future.

Note: Blogger users: You can choose to keep your Blogger photos in this (old) account or transfer them to the new one. If you transfer Blogger photos to the new account, be sure to add the new account as an author on your blog.

The transfer happens on Google's servers so there's no download then re-upload required by you, but depending on how many photos and videos you have, this transfer may take up to 24 hours to complete. Google will send you an email when the transfer is finished.

People seem so ready to delete anything which doesn't suit them. Delete! Delete! Delete! - CRAZY!

Modify, then maintain, is my advice. For instance, a blog. They don't need to be deleted. You just remove all pertinent data, both personal (profile) and public (posts), then write a post, simply called 'Stub Post', with the same as the content, and post it. That fixes-up the Search Spiders and any cached copy. You can then move that blog to a lesser of your Blogger Accounts, and forget it ever existed - or, re-theme it, and start again. Simple.


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