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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Import - Export - Update, as at June 2011

Some bloggers are still reporting failure of the Import process for Wordpress XML files to the Blogger platform.

Blogger suggests the basics for Importing should be like this - "How Do I Import and Export blogs on Blogger?"

I wrote an overview of the Import/Export process, back in October, 2008, which was an update of an earlier post. This was then updated again, in 2009. Since then, Blogger has changed, and so has Wordpress.

The basics of the XML language is still transporting of data from one company to another. If one company changes it's format, or things like Comments, or Posts, then the other company has to catch-up. This sometimes causes errors which prevent one company recognising what the other company wants to transport. I'm sure that this is the reason for bX-Codes presenting Server Errors when trying to Import, as I found out, yet again, today.


I have a Wordpress blog, with one basic post on it. I haven't visited Wordpress since around 2008. Things have changed somewhat on the blog, and I had to try and find things. Those 'things' may be in the Display, or the way Wordpress formats its XML data for Export. I don't know, exactly, but something has changed.

I finally found the option for Exporting. It's now under Tools on the Dashboard.

Then, I wanted to Import that file to my research blog. I opened the Settings - Basics screen, and clicked on Import ...

The bX-Code occurred, again and again, and the effort was wasted. Exactly why it happened, I can only guess, but I suspect that it is because of changes within one, or both of the companies - Blogger, or Wordpress. BTW - my XML file was 7.58 Kbs - well under any limit shown of 1Mb.

Don't worry. This has happened within Blogger, too! It's just a matter of trial, error, and persistence. As shows in the following images, when I succeeded ...

First, the Exporting ...

and then the Importing ...


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