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Monday, 13 June 2011

Location: 'Geo-Tagging'

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

I often used the Blogger Editor Feature, called Geotagging. I imagine many readers would be interested in where Newcastle, NSW, Australia, is.

It really is an easy application to use.

The feature needs to be enabled on the Main Posts Page Element, which is accessed from the Design Screen...

Once the feature has been enabled, the 'Add' a Location is selected from the Post Editor screen, when you are writing your post...

Click the 'Add' option...

Enter the Location - in full... and click 'Search'...

Check that the map indicates the correct Location, and click 'Save' ...

That's it! When you publish your post, the Location you chose, will be displayed on your Post Footer, or wherever you have positioned it ...

If your readers click on the Location, the next screen from Google Geotagging appears, with the map.

I think this feature is very attractive, and interactive with your readers' enjoyment. I do, however, (think there's still a few bugs in it) suggest that it might display differently, in different templates. This blog has a 'Simple' template and does not display the feature, while my old Bob's Buzz blog, had a 'Picture Window' template, and did! Go figure! Or, as suggested to me, it is a Post template problem and I should read this post! Spot on, as per Nitecruzr's usual posts.

Today, I changed the template of this blog, the Report, via the Template Designer screen, and then changed it back again. Now, the Geotagging, and other Page Elements, appear to work - again.


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