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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Piggy-backing your Questions in Help Forum

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

The is a certain (unwritten) etiquette required when asking questions in the Google / Blogger Help Forum - start your own thread - don't 'piggy-back' your question onto someone else's!

I'm sure that it is tempting when you see a question thread, with exactly the same problem as you have, to add your twopence-worth - whether it be to ask something peculiar to your wants, or to report a major problem. The trouble is, however, by doing that, as I've mentioned before;

  • Google / Blogger does not get accurate data - numbers of people experiencing a certain problem, etc
  • The question threads become too long and messy,
  • Sometimes, your individual question may be missed, or worse - ignored!

An example of what I am talking about is an original question about a problem has been answered. Then, several other bloggers piggy-back their questions on. Apart from the fact that the answer, in most cases, should be relevant to their individual situation, as well.

If you start your own question thread, the Helpers will see it, and try to answer it in turn, with others, and any follow-up questions by the original asker, will be relevant (we hope) to that original problem subject. If, however, the subject of the question changes, - start a new thread.

That is, I hope, my only gripe for the day!


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