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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Series 400 Errors

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Today has been riddled with reports of Series 400 Errors. I have been dicing with 413 all day...

Many bloggers have reported variations of the 400 Error. The effects my blogs may have been duplicated in others, too. My Tabs were mis-placed and skewy, my Sidebar had dropped to below the main post, my Header had disappeared, and the navbar was nowhere to be found...

After considering the situation, I eventually cleared the Browser Sessions. Then cleared the Cache and Cookies. Then, I re-started the Browser and logged-on to Blogger - with NO problems.

This appears to have been a Network Server problem - not a blog-level problem.
Blogger is currently investigating.

see: Clearing Browser Cache


1 comment:

Siv Maria said...

There have been so many problems with blogger lately! Thanks for keeping us updated, I have found the help section, no help at all!