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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Google+ Posting Privacy - How it works!

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Here I was, today, having breakfast, enjoying a cuppa, when my friend called.

"Hey Bob - I've added you to my 'Circles', but, I see that you haven't written anything!"
Me - "Hi Dave - I have written lots of things on my G+, but I didn't include YOU! That's why you can't see anything!"

That started me thinking that, as much as I didn't want to get into writing posts on Google+ (I like to stick to Blogger issues), I needed to. The reason is because Dave wasn't the only one I've seen with the mis-conception of what Google+ is about - and, how it works!

Look at this statement from a plusser, on a Google+ discussions group -

"I agree. It is just irritating that people can add you to their circles without permission. My block circle is going to get really big once this goes fully public. An option to require authorization would be great."

WRONG !!!!!

Let me put this issue straight. All the people in the world, can add you to their circles - no problem. They don't need your permission to do that. If you don't add those people to YOUR circles, they can't see anything other than your Profile!

eg: Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has, at last viewing, over 400,000 people who have (fruitlessly, so far) added Mark to their circles. Why fruitlessly? Well, because Mark Zuckerberg will NEVER add them all to his circles, and unless Mark posts something, with a 'Public' Share, they will NEVER see anything from him!

Google+ is NOT the same as TWITTER.

You can Follow anyone on Twitter, and get feeds from them. You can't do that on Google+ !

Let me give you another example. I have lots of circles. The following image is an example of what I mean ...

Say, for instance, I write a post on Fishing conditions, my Gym Club circle would not be interested in that because they are all beautiful women (ha ha) who do NOT go Fishing - only my Fishing Club friends would be, so I 'LIMIT' the circulation by 'SHARING' that post ONLY with that 'FISHING CLUB' circle. No-one else can see it!

Posts on Google+ are 'PUBLIC', by default. YOU have to change that, when you post. It's the same when someone else posts, too. Unless YOU are in the circle(s) they post to, you won't see their post! So, it doesn't matter if all the people in the world add you to their circles, if you don't add them, they will NOT see your 'SHARED' posts if you 'LIMIT' the circulation. Therefore, why would they need your permission to add you to their circles?


I don't want the 'PUBLIC' to see this silly post, so I will send it ONLY to my 'FRIENDS' and 'FAMILY' circles. No-one else will be able to see it - ever! The reason? Simple. I have dismissed the 'PUBLIC' share, and replaced it with the circles I want.

The same goes for people my friend, Dave, has in his circles. Mary, Fairy, Bill, Dill, and Donk! If I am in his 'FRIENDS' circle, and Dave posts something which is 'LIMITED' to 'FRIENDS', then we will all see it - however, if Mary, from the dairy, posts something, unless I am in HER circle, I will NEVER see it!


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