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Friday, 8 July 2011

New Blogger in Draft GUI - Dashboard

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Some months ago, we got an inkling that there would be a new Blogger GUI coming. Well, not long ago, Blogger in Draft released a version (Beta, I'd presume), to a limited amount of bloggers. I was one of the 'lucky ones'.

I've had a good chance to look around the new platform, in my spare time, and have mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong, I think, overall, it's a great interface, but there are a couple of teething problems I'd like to see changed, as I'm sure you will, too.

Anyway, the first screen you'll need to get used to, is the Dashboard. The next 7 images, I hope, will cover all the not-so-obvious features of the dashboard for you.

Image 1 shows the basic Dashboard, as it will look when you log-on to Blogger in Draft.
You will see a list of your blogs in the center of the screen. On the right, is your Email Address/Account Username.

Image 2 shows a small pop-up screen which appears if you click on the small Down-Arrow next to your Email Address. This box contains your Blogger Profile Image, a button to Edit Your Profile, a button for your Account Settings, and a Sign-out button. You'll also see your blog-count, and some interesting icons, explained further down.

Image 3 shows a pop-up box which appears when you click on the wheel-shaped icon. This gives you Blogger Help and an opportunity to send Feedback to Blogger.

Image 4 shows the available Languages for your blog. What I also like is the blue Stats graph/pageviews and the blue post count. They are links to those screens! Click them.

Image 5 shows the first of the 'interesting icons' - the New Post icon. Next to that, is a small House-shaped icon, or 'home' icon which takes you back to the default Dashboard screen.

Image 6 shows a small 'Down-Arrow'. Clicking on this will offer you the main screens of your blog ... Posts, Comments, Stats, Earnings, Layout, Templates, Settings.

Image 7 is at the bottom of the Dashboard screen. This is the revamped offering for the Reading List of Blogs I Follow. You will also see an option to view the Followed Post in Google Reader. Next to the Google Reader option, is another wheel-styled icon. If you click on that, you will default to a new Manage Blogs I Follow screen, similar to the 'old' one. Last of all, I have left an indicator of the measly, tiny, hard-to-see, and paltry, Scroll-bar.

Overall, this is a fairly snazzy new GUI. I think it's very workable and won't take long to get used to. I think, from above, you'll appreciate that I don't like the Scroll-bar. How tiny and insignificant could they make it? Don't tell me they ran out of space for a decent sized one! Hope they fix it, because it is a very important feature.

More to come.


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