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Thursday, 14 July 2011

New GUI - Blogger in Draft - Blog Readers

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Part of having a Private blog, is the ability to choose specific, invited, Blog Readers. The New GUI, available through Blogger in Draft, presents the Settings - Basic screen for facilitating this option.

The options for Blog Reader appear when 'Edit' is clicked ...

If you choose to have a semi-Private blog, that is one which is open to invited Readers, you should select that option in the 'Who Can read this Blog' section. If you wish to Add a Reader(s), You do so by clicking on that button, adding the email address of the intended Reader, and sending the Invitation ...

Once the Invitation Email has been opened, and the Link to the Acceptance has been clicked, this screen will open. You will see choices to read this blog, by registering with your Google Account, or to Create a Google Account, or, and this is a limited-period offer - continue on to become a 'Guest Reader'. The limited period of time is 1 month ...

Something to note here is the ability to send the Invitational Email on to someone else. The Offer token can be accepted by someone else, other than the intended recipient. In this example, I forwarded the Invitation to another of my accounts, and accepted it, as an Invited Reader. Naturally, Google/Blogger realises this, and sends a Warning Email to the sender of the Invitation (the Blog Admin).

Once the Invitation has been accepted, the Reader's details are posted on the Blog Reader list, similar to a Blog Member.

Also, the option to Remove a Blog Reader is the same as for a Blog Author/Admin. There is a big 'X' marking the spot. Click it - in this case, it works!


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