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Thursday, 28 July 2011

New GUI - Blogger in Draft - Comments 2

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

In addition to the post I did previously on the New GUI Comments, I wanted to show the different screens for this feature.

The Comments screen can be accessed from the Overview screen, as follows...

The Comments screen - Published, Awaiting Moderation, or Spam, is then clicked on...

Published Comments - shows only those Comments that have been approved for Publication by the blog owner - if Moderation has been selected in Settings.

Published Comments can have the Content Removed, or can be Deleted, or can be listed as SPAM.

eg: Content Removal ... removes the content, but leaves notice that someone did, in fact, leave a message. Deleting the message, does.

Comments - Awaiting Moderation - You select whether, or not, to Publish the Comment, Delete it, or mark it as SPAM.

Marking a Comment as SPAM, can be undone, if you make a mistake...

In comparison to Comments in Production Blogger, there is not much difference in how things work - just a convoluted way of finding them!


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