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Friday, 15 July 2011

New GUI - Blogger in Draft - Delete / Restore a Blog

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Many bloggers visit the Blogger Help Forum to ask a very simple question - "How do I delete a blog?" Just as many bloggers visit the Blogger Help Forum to ask another very simple question - "How do I restore a blog?"

These two very simple questions can be answered with a little knowledge of Settings. The New GUI, in Blogger in Draft, is no different. If you spend some time getting to know the Settings screens, a lot of your questions will be answered - still, having said that, there are functions which do NOT present themselves readily. One of them is the Restore a Deleted blog function. I will cover that further down. Firstly, though, we need to Delete a blog.

As most bloggers know, a blog is deleted from the Settings - Basic screen, in the Production Blogger. In the New GUI, it is deleted from an option on the Settings - Other screen...

You click on the Delete button, and a pop-up screen appears. On this pop-up, you are given some information, and choices. Some of that information is; "Deleted blogs can be restored within 90 days, before they are removed forever...".

The choices are -

Now is where you'll see something new - Tabs - which appear to the left of the blog list. Similar to the 'Show and Hide' function, mentioned in my previous post, the Tabs are called Primary Blogs, and Deleted Blogs. You'll see the Deleted Blogs has a count of (1). You won't have to search for, or click on 'Show All', anymore.

The Restore a blog function, is just as simple. You click on the Deleted Blogs Tab, and a pop-up screen appears listing the Deleted blog. There is a button called 'Undelete'. Click it.

Once you have clicked the 'Undelete' button, the blog will be restored, and a small button appears, giving you the choices of 'Start Posting', or 'Dismiss'. You can click 'Start Posting' and the Post Editor opens. Click 'Dismiss' to remove that button...

A couple of things to watch for, when a blog is Restored, are:

1) it is restored to the top of your Primary Blog list and remains there until you navigate away from that screen - then it goes to the bottom of your Blog List!
2) The Deleted Blog Tab shows a blog count of (0), the Primary Blog List count goes up by (1) - until you navigate away from the screen, then the two Tabs disappear.


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