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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New GUI - Blogger in Draft - Manage Blogs I'm Following

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

From the Reading List, in the New GUI on Blogger in Draft, the Manage Blogs I Follow option is accessed through the Gear Wheel icon, next to the View in Google Reader option.

Clicking on the Gear Wheel, opens the familiar Manage Blogs I'm Following screen, where you can Learn more about Follower Friend Connect, Following Anonymously, as well as opening Settings and Adding to your Follower List.

If you click on Settings, next to a particular blog, the Settings - Basic option is revealed. There are many choices to make on this screen. You can

  • Edit your Profile
  • Change the Profile you use to Follow that particular blog
  • You can change from Private to Anonymous Following
  • Connect with Friends from Social Networks
  • Publish your activities to sites you've joined and Networks,
  • and
  • You can STOP FOLLOWING that particular blog

The next option is Messaging. On this screen, you can ...

  • Check, or Change the email address you use for Follower - for that Profile ID!
  • Choose from 3 options with regards to Following - for that Profile ID!

The Sites You've Joined option, allows you to see a list of all sites you Follow, visit those blogs, or STOP FOLLOWING!

The last option is Manage Friends. You can visit sites belonging to these people, and Add more friends etc. OR, you can Remove a friend, also known as 'Unfriend a Friend'...

The key to Follower, as many experienced bloggers have been saying for ages, is to be logged-in with the Username ID (email) with which you originally Followed that blog. You can only Manage those blogs if they appear on this Reading List - ie: the account you are logged-in to!


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