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Saturday, 16 July 2011

The New GUI - Blogger in Draft - An Overview - Pt.1.

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

I've started investigating the New Graphic User Interface (GUI) which was released in Beta, in Blogger in Draft, and have found more about it that I like, than I thought I would. It is very simple to learn, yet intricate in ways, secretive in ways, and novel in other ways. Then, there are the new differences in how screens work, or are presented, and what's there, and not there.

I hope this overview helps you get used to it. There's no need to panic, and, as Nitecruzr says, you are under no obligation to start using it straight away, however, now would be a good time to start learning your way around it. The New GUI will replace what we call Production Blogger, in the near, or not so near, future.

I've just finished around 20-odd posts on various aspects of the GUI, and still have some more to go. I started out with the Dashboard, and then moved on to the Settings screens, which have always been so very important (in my opinion), and which most bloggers only tend to look at when they have a problem. So, let's start there, too.

The New GUI Dashboard is very well set out. It is basically divided into two sections -

  • Blog List,
  • Reading List, for the Blogs that you Follow.

There's nothing new in that, however, the screen collapses when the Reading List title is clicked on, to make it more compact, and display it, rather than having to scroll down. I like that very much. What I don't like - at all - is the chintzy, scrawny, little scroll-bar, which looks like a blot on my screen.

There are new buttons which display pop-up screens for -

  • Viewing your Profile,
  • Signing - out,
  • Account Settings.

A new Gear Wheel icon is placed on the top right of the screen, for various options, depending on the screen. This icon allows you to give Feedback, or to see Blogger Help.

Other new buttons are for -

  • Blog Language (59 Languages)
  • Make Blogger in Draft your default
  • New Blog
  • New Post (Pencil icon)
  • Dashboard (Home icon)
  • Settings (a small Down Arrow)
  • View Blog button

One new feature is the Tab called Primary Blogs, with a blog count. This also is discussed in later posts.

The Listed Blogs can be accessed by clicking on the Title, as well as by clicking View Blog. One thing I like here is that under the blog title are two links - one to the Stats screen (click the blue graph, or pageviews), and one to the Edit Posts screen (click the post number).

The 5 Settings screens are vastly different to what you are used to. Their names are:

These Settings are accessible from the small arrow icon immediately to the right of the Dashboard (Home) icon. It is a drop-down menu.

The final part of the Dashboard screen is the Reading List. I think the new design affords a better reading area. The reading list has lots of good features, as does the existing version. The 'Hide/Show' function is slightly different, but inline with other 'Hide/Show' functions on other screens of this version. Viewing in Google Reader is just a click away, as is Adding a Blog to Follow, by URL, or from your Google Reader.

What you won't find on the Reading List, is a blue Manage button. That function for Managing the Blogs you Follow, is incorporated into the Reading List Gear Wheel, on the right-hand side.

Although I don't like the 'faded', 'washed-out' colours of the New GUI, I think it's OK. I'm sure there will be changes made before it goes into production, though.

More to come.


1 comment:

seybernetx said...

Although I don't like the 'faded', 'washed-out' colours of the New GUI, I think it's OK. I'm sure there will be changes made before it goes into production, though

Guess again....