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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New GUI - Blogger in Draft - Posts - 1

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Naturally, as this function of the Blogger in Draft GUI is about Posting, it is rather complex, so I will break it down into a series of posts. This first post is to present you with the basics.

From the Dashboard, you can navigate to the Manage Posts, or the New Posts editors...

The Manage Posts screen is nicely set out and easy to follow.

There are Tabs indicating ALL, DRAFT, SCHEDULED, IMPORTED, and PUBLISHED, and you can choose any one by clicking on it. These are located at the left side of the post list.

Also, there is a very nice option above the list of posts, which allows you, at a click of the mouse, to PUBLISH an edited post, or to revert a PUBLISHED post back to DRAFT status. Editing has become very easy, not that it wasn't before, but just seems that way. So far, I have found it very easy.

Options to Edit, View, or Delete a post can be found by hovering the mouse on that post, or highlighting it.

A New Post can be selected easily, as mentioned before, and the default editor is Compose Mode. One striking feature of the Compose Mode editor is the rather small default Post Box, or window. This can be expanded, however, by scrolling the cursor down, using the <ENTER> key, as shown in the next images...

My favourite, the HTML editor, is set up for manual expansion of the Post Box, as per Production Blogger, at present.

More to come, including Define/Translate, and Post Settings.


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