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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The New GUI - Blogger in Draft - Reading List

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

The New GUI, available via Blogger in Draft, presents what we know as the Reading List for Followed Blogs, in basically the same way as does Production Blogger, but with a few differences.

The Reading List sits below the Blog List, yet, by clicking the title Reading List, the Blog List will recede behind and the Reading List becomes prominent on the screen.

On the left of the title 'Reading List', lies an ARROW. This is for fast scrolling back to the top, or start, of whatever you are viewing. For example, if you are viewing 'All Blog Updates' and are at the bottom of that list, clicking the ARROW will bring you back to the top of the Reading List. Similarly, if you are viewing the posts of a particular blog on your Reading List, and are way down the List, clicking the ARROW will fast=scroll you back to the beginning of that particular blog, on your Reading List.

You can also Manage the blogs you are Following, by clicking on the Gear wheel icon, on the far right, next to 'View in Google Reader'. I will cover that in a subsequent post.

You can also 'ADD' a blog to your Follower Reading List, and that, too, will be covered in a later post.

One particularly sneaky feature of the Reading List, is the Hidden Blogs feature - that is, the 'Hidden from List' and the 'Show in List' functions. If you don't know the feature is there, you'll only know about it if you find it by accident.

By hovering your mouse over the Title of the Blog in your List, an Down Arrow will appear. By clicking on this arrow, the blog will disappear from your Reading List, to become a Hidden Blog. This, presumably, is only visible to you when you are logged in, and will not appear in the Blogs You Follow list on your Profile.

Conversely, if you hover your mouse over a Blog, listed in your Hidden List, an Up Arrow will appear. Click that arrow to bring the blog back to your Reading List.

Keep watching this blog. I'm discovering things every day! ha ha. This New GUI certainly does have it's secrets!


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