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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Transliteration - Post Editor Alternatives

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

The Blogger feature known as Transliteration, has been disabled by the Blogger Engineers, ostensibly 'until we work out a few issues' on it.

One alternative, is to use the New GUI, available via Blogger in Draft. You'll need to post via the Compose Mode Editor. I have written a guide in this previous post.

To use it, you highlight the text you want translated, and then copy and paste it into the Post Editor... eg:それを使用するには、コピーしてポストエディタ...などに貼り付けてその後で、リンクされた後に上記のように、翻訳したいテキストを強調表示し、:

Then, I have translated that Japanese, to Greek -

Για να το χρησιμοποιήσετε, το πρόγραμμα επεξεργασίας μετά και στη συνέχεια να αντιγράψετε και να επικολλήσετε ... κλπ., όπως περιγράφεται παραπάνω, μετά τη σύνδεση, επισημάνετε το κείμενο που θέλετε μετάφραση:

This may be of assistance to bloggers who routinely use the Transliteration function. For those who prefer something else, there is also the Google Language Tools, which operates on a similar principle of copy/paste, however, sometimes Formatting errors can occur when pasting, so you should be aware of this, and take measures to eliminate these during editing. Still, it is a viable alternative to having nothing.

*Note: Translations vary from language to language and back again, so check them.


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