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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wow! What is Happening at Google?

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

I don't know about your personal situation, but I am reasonably well-stuck on Google - and have been for years! Yes, I have Hotmail accounts, and Yahoo accounts and 200 other email possibilities at my finger tips, via my Personal Domain, but I chose Google (Gmail) for my primary email addresses, maybe around late 1990s? Can't remember, exactly, but it's been a long time. I have also had a few accounts - closed some (stupid, I know), but I have continued with Google for many different reasons.

Perhaps, now, I see why. The last few months has been somewhat of a roller-coaster ride with Google, in the light of their acquisition of Blogger. I'm sure a lot of the changes have been the result of that, too - and I'm just starting to appreciate the big picture. Maybe, I'm not as quick as some of the younger geeky-types, and techie-types, but I eventually arrive, in some manner or form - kinda like Aesop's tortoise.

As I am not across all Google products, I'll probably miss, or duplicate, a couple of projects here, but here's a few of what we have seen so far ...

The more I look at Google+, the more I am impressed, too. It offers so much more than my previous experience with Facebook.

I can also feed my blog posts to my Twitter account via Feedburner. So easy... Feedburner, Publicise, Socialise - (If I had a Twitter account, that is!)

The more I look at my Google homepage, the more I like the new black Links toolbar, which is affording me access to many of Google screens, that I had to go looking for, previously. I can access what I want at the click of the mouse. It's great!

I would go so far as to presume that the Navbar on Blogger, may well accommodate some changes, too, in the future. Why not?

It's exciting for me. Hope it is for you!


1 comment:

sue said...

Overwhelming! Feedburner? Huh?

So much to learn, but I'm finding G+ seems to have more flexibility than FB, it's intuitive, and looks fresh and clean.