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Monday, 1 August 2011

Google+ Profile Page - a handy tweak

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

Without wishing to stir the fire, which is raging at the moment on the subject of Privacy and Google+, largely attributable to the debate about Google's new policy on Real Names in Profiles, and perhaps some misunderstanding (I'm sure), I'm not going there, but I wanted to publish some posts on the Profile and ways to improve it, or tweak it, to suit your preferences.

This post will be the first, as I discover new facets of the Profile, and it's application in Google+, for those people lucky enough to have joined.

Last week was hell - trying to catch up on everything being written by techie-people, with far more understanding than I have, but, that's how I learn, too. One of the tweaks I found concerns your avatar, or Thumbnail icon and the information displayed when someone hovers their mouse over it.

Normally, if you see a Profile Thumbnail in Google+, and hover your mouse pointer over that Thumbnail, it will show just the name of the Plusser (that's Google+ lingo for someone who has joined G+, which is also lingo for Google+), which you can click on to see their full Profile, or any information that they wish you to see on their Thumbnail - such as Location, Education, Occupation, or a Website name etc. It also gives you information such as how many circles you have that person in, (never which ones), or an opportunity to 'add' that person to your circles. It will, generally, show you their face (image icon), and the members that you have in common... eg:

There is a way to vary that information, to let people know a little more about you, when they hover over your Thumbnail icon.

This doesn't stop them from clicking on your Thumbnail to 'Add' you, either. So, how is it done?

Edit your Profile.

If you are like me, you give very little, if anything, away. I just include things which will NOT produce a problem for me (I hope). Name, Introduction, Sex, Nicknames, Other Names I'm known by. That's it!

In the Employment section, click on it and the following screen pop-up appears ...

As you can see, the section of my Profile is the 'Employment' section, and I have included extra information in the first box, or the 'Employer Name' box. The next step is to make sure the date is set to 'Current'.

It's that easy. You may need to clear the Browser cache and re-boot the Browser, before it will display for you.

Reference -

see: Mashable - Google+ Tips and Tricks: 10 hints for New Users, written by Amy-Mae Elliott.


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