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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Market Share increase by Chrome

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

With the ever increasing choice we have, (or should that be 'enjoy'), in which Internet Browser we use, it is interesting to watch the trends. Naturally, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, being pre-installed on most computers, still holds the lead, however, it is not having everything it's own way.

In my little slice of the world, Browsers are a means to an end. I really prefer Firefox, and Chrome, but that's my choice. I have four Browsers at hand, should I need them - Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. The version of each is nearly always kept up to date unless there are well documented errors, or problems with it. I don't upgrade just for the sake of it.

Something I always bear in mind is what Google mentioned just recently, and came into play yesterday, August 1st - they would not continue to support Browser Versions that are not current, or immediately previous, versions.

Also, yesterday, August 1st, Pocket-lint, a website I follow, published an article by Hunter Skipworth, entitled; "Google Chrome second most popular Browser in U.K.", in which he suggests a 22% market share for Chrome. Worldwide, it is reported to be sitting in 3rd position.

When I look at my blog Audience Stats, over a two year period, this trend for Chrome is not borne out - in fact, it is 4th on the list ...

Audience Stats over the last month ... 3rd on the list

According to Lars Bak, Google's engineer behind Chrome, speed is the underlying reason for people choosing Chrome, although most Browsers are very fast, in today's market, but I have noticed that Chrome is very fast.

Your choice!

Vive la différence!


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