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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Using a 'Link' on your Google+ posts

Location: Newcastle, NSW. Australia. Newcastle NSW, Australia

The other day, I finally had a go at posting something on Google+ 'Stream', and added a link to it. It didn't give me the result I wanted, because the link picked up lots of unwanted rubbish/information from a gadget I have at the top of my blog. The gadget was OK, but I didn't want information from it to appear in the 'link' on my G+ Stream (post). This may, or may not, have occurred to you, or happened to you - yet. Let me explain -

This is the Header and Language bar gadget on my blog ...

The circled links in that Language Bar gadget are being posted in my G+ post, when I use the Report blog post URL... see next image ...

Fortunately, Google+ gives you a way to eliminate that, before you do the final publication... see the 'Remove Description' option, and the little 'X' on the following image, in the blue box?

When you remove that information, what you're left with, I think, is a cleaner link, to post.



Hanami Nisei said...

Thanks for this blog which I found very clear and instructive. Congratulation. I still have a question: is there a way to link an iframe to a posting without having the full page appearing in the frame?
Using something lile brings the whole stuff when only the message is usefull.
I haven't been able to do it, despite multiples attempts.
Thank you again ...

Roberto said...

Hanami, thanks for the comment.
I would suggest that you ask your question in the Product Forum where many eyes will see it, and possibly someone will know the answer.