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Friday, 5 August 2011

Which Characters can you use in your Blogger Labels?

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Occasionally, someone will have a frustrated plea in the Help Forum, regarding the humble Ampersand '&' - which appears differently, naturally, in various fonts.

Courier &, Georgia & , Helvetica & , Times & , Verdana & , and Trebuchet &

"I want to make a Label like this: 'Cakes & Pies'. How do I use the ampersand (&) in my labels?"

According to Blogger Help - you can't. Certain characters are considered to be crucial to the syntax rules of XHTML, therefore (∴), you can't use them. OK - lost me, but 'dem's da rules'.

The following characters cannot be used in labels:

&, <, >, @, !,

Other entity symbols, which are all constructed with the Ampersand as part of the code, can be used in the text body, but NOT in the Labels, because they all have Ampersand (&) as part of the entity itself ...

eg: &fnof;, &uarr;, &darr;, &larr;, &rarr;, &crarr;, &harr;,&forall;,&part;,&empty;,&infin;,&equiv;,

which yield :

ƒ, ↑, ↓, ←, →, ↵, ↔, ∀, ∂, ∅, ∞, ≡... and many, many more.

So, instead of "Cakes & Pies", you may have to settle for just "Cakes + Pies", or even "Cakes / Pies".

From what I was able to glean from searching, different rules apply for different software languages - XML, HTML, XHTML etc, (I think). I'm treading water, here, folks! Sinking quickly, too!

As a substitute for &, you may consider using the + character, and it seems to be very popular with Google, these days ...

see: W3Schools



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. how did you get the 'therefore' sign to show up .. I've been 'dying' to use that for years .. and could never work out how in the grand scheme of keyboards, computers and wires!?

Cheers Hilary

Bob said...

Hi H -
The therefore symbol () is typed in the html Editor as...

ampersand there 4 ;

...where you type & there 4 ; with (no gaps between them)