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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Comments - What is Expected?

Being able to Comment on someone's blog, is a privilege. The blog owner has worked hard to create his/her own little piece of journalistic wonder, and, if smart, will control what level of external input is allowed - mainly, the type of Comments.

Blogger controls that level of Comment, too, by supplying a way of categorising certain Comments as undesirable - or, SPAM. This classification suggests that, for one reason, or another, the blog owner deems the Comment to be undesirable1, and a breach of that privilege that he/she afforded you, as a Reader, in the first place.

What that suggests to me is, as Nitecruzr1 states;

"The bottom line here is that your style of comments just are not welcome, on these blogs."

So, why do we have Comments? What do bloggers want from Commenters?

Well, this is entirely subjective. I know what I would like to have from Commenters, and you know what you would like, I hope. I can only suggest what I would like. Anything other than what suits me, goes into the SPAM classification! That's right! Be nice, or be gone!

Here's some of the reasons I allow Comments on my blogs:

  • To get feedback from my Readers - honest, clean, constructive, witty (if warranted), suggestive about my blog, or its content!
  • Second reason - same as the first!

I don't want bloggers thinking that they can leave unintelligible nonsense on my blogs, or links to porn sites, or spammy commercial ads, or completely useless rubbishy, moronic, wastes of time, or 'space' observations - on my blog! I won't think for two seconds about ditching (marking as SPAM) that sort of comment if I see it!

I'm 100% sure that some bloggers do NOT have Comment Moderation in place, because they want Readers of all sorts, to leave Comments - as though there is a prize, or Ranking, for the greatest number of Comments! Like the old song says; "It ain't necessarily so"! The only 'prize', if you can call it that, is a blog-full of SPAM possibility. By allowing this gratuitous access for SPAMMERS, you are part of the problem!

I use Comment Moderation on my blogs, so I can vet the type of Comment. Don't think, either, that I only publish comments which put me in a good light. If the comment is critical, clean, and civil, it will still be published. That's not spam. It's constructive, and I will learn from it. Readers have to know that they can be critical, as well as constructive, in their opinion of a blog, or content.

But, they also have to know the boundaries for what is acceptable, and the SPAM Classifier, and your good judgement2, will assist.


1 - Who, Me? I don't Spam

2 - Which Queue is Your Comment in?


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Deleting Comments - Totally - Forever

Deleting a comment is a very easy task. Totally deleting a comment is just the same.

As I mentioned before, if you don't check the Remove Forever option, indication that there has been a comment before, but is not accessible, will always be there, when Comments are viewed.

So, how do I Remove a comment Totally - Forever?

Removing Comments can be done by either:

  • The Original Commenter, or
  • The blog Owner

The Original Commenter can ONLY delete his/her OWN comments!
The blog Owner can delete ANY comment!

The following images show a comment, I made, on a blog post, of which I was NOT an administrator. If I wanted to delete it, I would:

  • Click on the post's title, to show the post on it's own page - therefore displaying comments made
  • Select the comment to be deleted
  • Click on the Trash Can
  • Click, or check, the Remove Forever option box
  • Click Delete

If, as administrator of a blog, I wanted to delete someone else's comment, the process is exactly the same ...

(I didn't delete it, Robert!)

Make sure that you check the Remove Forever option box!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Google Video

I went searching for some information on Storage Limits for videos, uploaded to, and hosted by, Google Video - nada, zilch, kaput, nothing!

It appears to me that Google Video may be undergoing a face-lift, or re-styling, perhaps, as even their Help Forum is 'Archived' - you can't do anything but search the existing records!

Maybe this is in preparation for some change to things? Who knows?

There is still a Help (Support) Section available, though, with heaps of information for the video enthusiast.

p.s. - Finally, some indication from Google as to what is happening!


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mozilla Firefox - Upgrade, or not?

I am currently using Firefox V3.6.16 - and, I love it. Some of the changes from V3.6.14 and .15, took a little getting used to. For instance, I use NoScript, and the icon is where the 'home' button used to be. The 'home' button is now on the extreme right-hand side. Naturally, I kept absent-mindedly clicking on NoScript for a day, or so, until I went la-la, again. The McAfee Secure Search isn't the McAfee Site Advisor I had hoped for, and for some reason, I can't add it as an add-on! Mmmm?

Last week, I had a quick look at the Beta Version of Firefox 4. I downloaded a copy, stored it in a file on my Laptop, and gave it a run, to see what it was like. I thought it was OK, but didn't see much difference in speed, from V3.6.14 and V3.6.15. There were some cosmetic differences, of course, being a new version, but not such that I would upgrade - until I heard some reports about it.

Today, I saw that an upgrade to Firefox 4 was available. Wow! They didn't give the Beta phase, a very long run!

Once again, I downloaded it to a file, and ran it. Damn - couldn't get it off my computer quick enough! It's as slow as a wet week! Possibly renewing Cookies, or something, but I thought, 'I may not live long enough for it to finish simple tasks'.

Back to V3.6.16 - Happy again!

Which goes to show, that downloading a copy of the file, to a folder, and then running it from that folder, is the best way to Upgrade from one Version of a Browser, to another. The reason being, that you keep the .exe file in case you experience what I did.

I have about six versions of Firefox in the folder, and, conceivably, could run any of them, should I desire to.

I'll wait a while before I upgrade, thank Mozilla!

p.s. - Mon. Dec.28th - I am hearing reports of 'flat-line' in Stats. Maybe some bloggers are using Firefox V4? Maybe, it's a little unstable, yet? Interesting.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Did You Forget Your Account Details?

If you are like me, your memory is passed the used-by date. You have to rely on writing things down. I use a pocket-sized indexed book - and I write everything (except my Bank PIN and Password, and my several Google/Blogger Passwords) in it.

The reason I don't write my Bank details, and Google/Blogger Passwords in the book is because I encoded them in another reference source. The address of the source is written in the book, but you'd never guess what it is, because it is encoded, as well. Trouble is, it takes me a while to decipher the code - and I wrote it! ha-ha-ha! (JJF)

I find it difficult to understand how someone can 'Forget' something like their Username and Password. WRITE THEM DOWN!

Google has, at least, assisted, somewhat, in this matter, with recovering sign-in information, and Standard Recovery Options:

  • Secret Question
  • Phone Number SMS
  • Recovery Address

Google must have more links to 'forms', than a retired horse-racing Bookmaker. Every time I look at a Google site, there's lots of links to investigate. The Account Help - Contacting Support site is one such site. This site is for Account Access problems - and the first step in getting an Account Restored!

Another site, with heaps of links, is the What Can We Help You With? - (Contact Support) site. This is the site you need to visit if you can't remember your Account Username, or Password!

Forgotten Password screens:

Forgotten Username screens

This facility is used for Google, as well as non-Google-based accounts!

Take note of all the various links to Help Features, Trouble-shooting, and Information sites.

The big question is: WHY go through all this? Write your Username and Password down, and keep them somewhere - SAFE!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Indicator of Corrupt Template

I have been experiencing a problem with the Quick Edit - it didn't work on this blog! In order to Edit a post, I had to use the Post Editor. No big problem, just inconvenient. I could use the Quick Edit Pencil on other blogs, but not the Report, which made me think that the Template may be corrupt. Hence, as you astute Readers will have noticed, I changed to this 'new' design, last month.

This image will show what happened. If you notice in the address bar, for my old Bob's Buzz blog, the Post ID is displayed, and the link works. The lower part of the image shows this blog, the Report, - and it's not displaying the Post ID - just the blog URL, which does not work for Quick Editing.

As soon as I changed Templates, it worked! So, if this happens to you, you'll know what to do. Why, or How the Template corrupted, is anyone's guess. These things happen. It's also another good reason to Back-up your Template, from time to time, if you don't normally work on it. Perhaps, I could have uploaded a copied file of the Template, but the urge to have a total change, got to me.

The reply from my Blogger contact was;

"Glad you figured it out! Sorry I wasn't much help earlier, but at least now I'll know that template code can be the source of this issue."

So, even if you stumble upon something which corrects a problem - let others know via the Blogger Help Forum. Many other bloggers may have the same problem!

Another strange occurrence, I've noticed, since I began my Editing Program, is the occasional appearance of this Conflicting Edits pop-up ...

I don't think this is anything to worry about, but it's happened too many times not to be caused by something. I'll have to be alert! Then again, with so many strange things happening lately, in Blogger, I wouldn't be surprised.


Posting via the HTML Editor

This is the 20th post I have written over the last month - purely from the HTML Editor. I persisted in the face of adversity (a lack of much HTML knowledge), and I am seeing good results. My confidence is ever-increasing, and, although it takes me a little extra time, I think it will be worthwhile in the long-run.

I have not even as much as checked what a post looks like in Compose Mode, before Publishing it. That's confidence, for you!

As I mentioned before, the HTML Editor (when it's working properly) will tell you if you have forgotten to add a closing Tag, or made a boo-boo with your work. I think that's great, because, when learning, you do forget things...

like a closing Tag - </b>, or </a>.

or perhaps a </span> is in the wrong place, or doesn't have an 'opening' Tag.

Of course, you can turn that facility off, if you don't want it, but why?

I also like the Preview function - it works when your post is correctly formed, and won't work when there's an error on it. Then, when you close the Preview, the Editor tells you there's an error. Then, if you click the Publish button, the Editor will highlight where the error is! You can't go wrong!

If only this editor had been around in 2005, when I started.

I have been editing my blogs for two months, now, and the quantity of form errors, and utter rubbish I have had to correct, and clean up, because of switching from Compose Mode, to Edit HTML, was horrendous - and I am only halfway through it. Why this happens, technically, I don't know, but on one post alone, I had to clean-off nearly 100 duplications of the same font indicator. Entries like <span style="font-family: trebuchet ms;">...</span>, or colors like, <span style="color: cyan;">example</span>.

That's one thing I also like about Edit HTML, there's no 'easy to get at' Color menu, so you'll see less splashes of color in my posts! Some of them were looking like an artist's atelier!

So, I guess what I am saying here is give it a go. I now believe that bloggers should have a knowledge of the various Tags and form for HTML. Here are some examples;


  • To Embolden, surround the word, or phrase, with these tags - <b> .... </b>, or ...
  • Use this form - <span style="font-weight: bold;"> ... </span>
  • To add a color - <span style="color: cyan;"> .cyan. </span>
  • To Italicise - <i> ... </i>
  • To add a hyperlink - <a href="...the URL...">..the Trigger...</a>
  • To center script - <div style="text-align: center;">...</div>
  • To superscript, or subscript, when Referencing, use <sup>..a number, or letter ...</sup> - substitute <sub> for <sup>. eg: W3Schools1

That's just a few examples. There's many, many more available for perusal, or use, at the site.

I also like the Image Wizard in the Edit HTML Editor, more than the troubled Compose Mode Wizard. You may only be able to upload five (5) images at a time, but it's quicker, and, I think, more reliable. Naturally, the 'New' HTML Image Wizard posts your images in order of selection, now, and posts them to the cursor point.

To refresh memories of one particular problem of switching from Compose Mode, to Edit HTML mode, is the addition of the Hyperlink href=" attribute, to an Anchor point, for some reason. As you know, an Anchor is a simple point of reference to which you 'link' from Internal, or External triggers. If this happens, the Anchor links won't work!

The Compose Mode doesn't allow you to add anchors, or triggers. So, in order to add the Anchor (<a name="Linkhere"> ... </a>), you have to do it in the Edit HTML mode! Then, if you are a regular user of Compose Mode (WYSIWYG) Editor, you'll inevitably switch back to it, and then, probably, switch back to HTML mode again, to add the Trigger for the Anchor link. This is where the Editor will knife you in the back, if you are NOT aware of the way it works.

The attribute <a> defines an Anchor! An Anchor is part of a 'Link'. So, when you switch to and fro from Compose Mode to Edit HTML mode, and the Editor sees the <a name="Linkhere">..</a>, and it, perhaps, thinks that it is a poorly formed 'Link', and it adds in the href=" script, which you do NOT want in an Anchor - only in the Trigger!

This is what happens ...

This is what it should look like ...

Yes, definitely worthwhile using this Editor. Don't be afraid!

1 - See: W3Schools.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Preparing Images - using Picture Manager, and Paint.

MS Paint, or just Paint, is available through your Programs - Accessories folder, from your computer's Start option.

MS Picture Manager is available via MS Office Program - Tools.

In a previous post, I described the way I prepare a photo for posting to a blog.

Maybe there's a better, easier way, but I always have success with this method, and, after 6 years of blogging, and hundreds of images posted to over 30 blogs, my storage usage on Picasa is around 30 Mbs of my 1Gb limit! I'm doing something right!

Many bloggers feel that they have to upload an image in it's original size. Maybe they think it will look better? No. It won't - unless you muck around too much with it - re-sizing and compressing, etc. If you don't believe me, please look at this post on Images and Saving Storage space, I did a while back. There's 3 images there - all look alike, but are differently presented.

Some bloggers ask;

"How do I make my Profile Photo smaller, to fit?

Basically, it is easy. I always follow these steps:-

  • Make a copy of the original, and save it in My Documents / My Pictures
  • Open the copy in MS Picture Manager (or equivalent program)
  • Crop, and re-size. Sometimes I compress, as well
  • Tart-it-up with MS Paint - borders, or text additions
  • Save it.

The following images take you through the process:

The original image is now cropped, re-sized, and has a blue border. It is also 19.1 Kbs, and won't contribute greatly to the drain of my storage space on Picasa.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Very Helpful Site - from Tomi Häsä

Way back in January, 2007, I wrote a post on TinyURLs. In that post, I mentioned a suggestion from one fellow, named Tomi, who, from out of the blue, had given me the link to TinyURLs. I have been very thankful, ever since.

I also mentioned Tomi's website, which is why I am writing this post.

It has been remiss of me not to have thanked Tomi in this way, well before now, but you all know what blogging is like, and how you get side-tracked, and things get forgotten. Now, is the time.

Tomi comes from Finland, and together with a few other people, created his website for Google FAQs. There are literally 'heaps' of questions answered there. Too many for a post to do justice to. All I can suggest is to bookmark the site, as I have done, and visit regularly, for a visit.

The site was last updated in 2009, but, as I found out, when trying to assemble a site for help-links, it's a mammoth job. However, the effort Tomi has made is worth the effort to see.

Thanks, Tomi!


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Settings - Publishing Screen

The Settings - Publishing screen may appear insignificant, and with little detail, but is a very important screen - especially if you have a Custom Domain.

There are basically two (2) different screens. One when a blogger has a Blogger-hosted Blog*Spot blog, and one when a blogger has his/her own Custom Domain pointed to the blog. You'll see very little in the way of options on the Publishing screen. It tells you that 'You are publishing on'. This is a FREE service for bloggers.

The 'First' type of Settings - Publishing' screen -

The first option is to 'Switch' to a Custom Domain (Point your own registered domain name to your blog). Millions of bloggers have done just that, and enjoy the use of their own Domain name, like mine, ''. (That, however, is covered in a different post).

The next option shows your blog URL. This is your blog's address on the Internet - for humans to read. Basically, you have another, called the Domain IP address, which is for computers to read, and it is made up of numbers. The IP addressing is more complicated than that, but I'll leave that to you.

With much forethought for consequences, you can change your blog URL, as often as you like, and Blogger will comply, by changing your blog to that name. Changing your URL is the ONLY way to free-up an existing URL for someone else to use it, without Transferring the ownership of the blog! Otherwise, it's your - forever!

Choosing a URL, if available, when you create your blog, can also be a challenge.

Then, of course, is the Word Verification, to prove you are human.

This next image shows the screen which appears for a Blogger-hosted Blog*Spot blog ...

The 'Second' type of Settings - Publishing screen -

This is the screen which displays if you have switched your blog to a Custom Domain.

Because you have a Custom Domain of your own, you would click on 'Switch to Advanced Settings' to point your blog to your Domain. This is a simple task, but get it right!

So, this next screen is one you would see, if you are going to set-up to publish your blog to a Custom Domain, or redirect to a Domain.

(It is also the screen you would see if you are going to purchase a Custom Domain through GoDaddy).


Because you are publishing to your Domain, when you click on Settings - Publishing, you will see this next screen. You'll also see options to Switch' back to Blog*Spot, and to Buy a Domain.

You will always default to this screen, unless you switch back to Blog*Spot. You are in 'Advanced Settings'.

DOMAIN - You'll see the blog URL of your Domain. This is where your posts get published to. You'll also see which Domain Names are re-directed to it. As I said in the above link, this needs to be right - first time.

Blogger also tells you that; 'We won't leave your readers behind!' That is, anyone who clicks on your original Blog*Spot URL will be re-directed. This is also the ONLY place that the old URL appears - anywhere!

USE A MISSING FILES HOST? - Most bloggers will not need to even think about this option. It is here for those bloggers who previously had their blogs hosted by an FTP host (other than Blogger), and had separate files on that host - such as Images. If the blogger decides to start using a Blogger Custom Domain, instead of the FTP (which, incidentally, has stopped in Blogger), the main blog files are migrated to the Custom Domain, but the links to the Image Storage files are broken - necessitating a Missing Files Host.

As a poor analogy, how it works is, if I published lots of posts with my FTP host, and then migrated to Blogger Custom Domain, all my posts which had images on them, using the 'old' URL, will now show up - BUT - the images will not show up. These files have to be re-linked to.

Blogger knows this, so, when it looks at my new Domain, and the blog, it sees no link to the images, so, it will look at the Missing Files Host for the answer. This is where the link is made, - because I specified a Missing Files Host - here, in Settings - Publishing!

I hope that explains it.



Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.2.

Continued from Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.1.

The lower-half of the Settings - Basic screen is by no less important than the top-half. It does, however, give you a little more in the way of functional options, that you can 'see' at work.

Part 2. - The BOTTOM half.

SHOW QUICK EDITING ON YOUR BLOG? - Quick Editing gives you fast access to edit your page directly, instead of having to navigate back through the Edit Posts screen, find the right post, click 'Edit' etc. The Quick Edit links functionality is due to the use of cookies so the icons ONLY appear when YOU are logged in ...


The icon for quick edit of posts, is the Pencil. Blogger has also introduced another icon for Page Elements and Gadgets. It looks like a Screwdriver and Wrench set.

SHOW EMAIL POST LINKS? - This feature lets your Readers send a copy of your post, by email, to their friends, or themselves. Your email address is NOT compromised, as it doesn't get used!

ADULT CONTENT? - If your blog's content could be interpreted as being unsuitable for viewing by certain people, who may be offended, or could be 'Flagged' as having objectionable content, or is in violation of Blogger, or Google's Terms Of Service, then it is required that you say 'YES' to this setting.
See: Blogger Help

GLOBAL SETTINGS - Applies to all blogs under that Account ID.

SELECT POST EDITOR - 3 choices. see:Blogger Help - An Overview

ENABLE TRANSLITERATION? - Allows you to input word conversions from English to one of selected languages, from a button on the Toolbar. This word can be changed again, from the Post Editor Toolbar.

See also: - How do I use the Transliteration feature?

See also: - Transliteration, or Translation?


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.1.

The Settings screens are accessible from your blog Dashboard, and from every other function screen - Edit Posts, Comments, Design, Monetize, and Stats.
Of the nine Settings screens, of your blog, Settings - Basic is the default screen which signifies to me, that it may be fairly important, and often used.

The functions of the Settings - Basic screen, from the top of the screen, are:

Part 1. - the TOP part ...

BLOG TOOLS - "You can import posts, and comments, from a previously exported Blogger blog, export this blog, or permanently delete it".1

  • Import Blog - Importing a blog is a two-fold task. Blogger accepts XML files as Import files. This type of file is generally generated by Exporting into that format, such as Blogger does, when you use the next feature. Importing an XML file is easy - see: Importing / Exporting - an Overview.
  • Export Blog - This section is covered in the above link
  • Delete Blog - This function will terminate your blog. See: Deleting Your Blog.

TITLE - The Name of your actual blog. Don't get the Title of the blog, mixed up with the URL of your blog. They are two different things. The URL of your blog is the alphabetical Blog Address. An IP address, is a numerical address for your blog.

  • You can change this Title, at will. You can use most characters allowable - even Foreign Languages.
  • However, many people search for a blog by Title, as well as URL. You may need to advise them of change

DESCRIPTION - Use this as an opportunity to give a brief story of what the blog is about. You are restricted to 500 characters max. You can use various Foreign language characters in this option. You can also use basic style directives in this section, like <b> ...</b>, and <i> ... </i>.

You do not have to add a description.

ADD YOUR BLOG TO OUR LISTINGS? - This setting determines whether, or not, your blog is linked to by - more specifically, Blogger Homepage, Next Blog, and Blogger Play. If you select 'NO' to this setting, your blog will still be available on the Internet, but not linked to by Blogger. The blog will also be displayed on your profile's 'Set Blogs to Display' page.

Blogger Note: Due to caching, changes to this setting may be slightly delayed.

LET SEARCH ENGINES FIND YOUR BLOG? - By default, blogs are available on the Internet. Search Engines crawl each site looking for updates. Although Google robots crawl regularly, a new blog may take time before it is indexed. If you do not want Search Engines to index your blog, you can add a Meta Tag to the <head> section of your Template.


Continued: - Settings - Basic Screen - Pt.2.

References: 1: Blogger Settings - Basic screen


Settings - A series of informative posts

I really couldn't tell you how many times I've seen questions in the Blogger Help Forum, which could have been answered by a blogger, who knew what the Settings - Basic screen was, and where to find it! It's the same with most of the other basic functions of a blog, too. Why?

I've written many posts on Blogger Settings, (well 10 or 15, anyway), and the functionality of them hasn't changed all that much, since 2005, when I started. The Basic screen is almost as it was back then, too - very, very important!

I am starting a series of posts on the Settings, and hope to work my way through them all - once again, noting the changes, and giving as much information as I can, about the various functions, and options.

The first post will be based on the Settings - Basic screen. Do you know every function of that setting, and what the options do for you? We'll see. I know I don't remember exactly what's on that screen, but I'm looking forward to re-visiting it - in earnest!

Stand bye.


Uploading Images in the Compose Mode Editor

I've written about uploading images before, and I used to be a 'stickler' for Compose Mode - everything I did was in Compose Mode - much to the horror of my friend, and mentor, Nitecruzr. It wasn't so much that I used Compose Mode that horrified him, it was that I constantly switched from Compose Mode to Edit HTML. Little did I know, at the time, the ramifications of doing that, screwed-up HTML and, when I went to EDIT any post, 'Oh, what a nightmare', PLUS - it often produced formatting problems with my links, which I wrote up!

So, having said that, this post was brought about by two reasons:

  • A problem currently being experienced by more bloggers than just me, and
  • Many bloggers will tend to use the Compose Mode - because it's WYSIWYG1!

Uploading images is supposed to be easy - and it is, depending on your experience level. For instance, some reasons for using Compose Mode:

  • I like the Compose Mode, because I can 'see' the images (WYSIWYG), and ...
  • I can upload more images via Compose Mode wizard, than I can in Edit HTML wizard.
  • I was doing this post on 'How to' upload images in Compose Mode. However, -
  • I feel that I can get 5 images onto a post, faster, in HTML Editor, than I can in Compose Mode.

So, after all that, uploading images via the Compose Mode wizard, is basically a five (5) step process:

  • Create a New Post, or 'Edit' an existing post
  • Open the Wizard, by clicking on the toolbar icon
  • Choose which image(s) you want, and from where, then upload them
  • Select which of those uploaded images, and in which order they will appear on your post, you want to download to your post
  • Click on 'Add Selected', to download the images to your post

Image 1.

Image 2.

Image 3.

Image 4.

Image 5.

Easy as! Unless, of course, Blogger has a problem, here - or, there!

See also: - Image Uploading in New Editor - via HTML.

1 - see: Wikipedia


Compose Mode Image Wizard - Selection Problem

It was reported, in the Blogger Help Forum today, by Karen, when she asked; ...

- "How to select multiply pictures at once to put directly into your post? ... I can upload multiple pictures, but today it will only allow me to select one picture at a time to add to my post. This is driving me crazy!"

Well, I, too, had the problem when I started to write a post on Uploading Images.

For some reason, the Uploading Wizard, in Compose Mode, will not allow you to select more than one image at a time, to download to your post.

This question thread has been escalated to Blogger for attention.

There is a Roll-up thread in Blogger Help Forum - How Do I? If you have similar problems, please add your information to the thread:

  • Which Browser were you using when this happened?
  • Are your images distorted?
  • Can you only download one image from the wizard, or more?
  • Where are you located? USA, Australia, U.K.?

* I've noticed this problem, of sorts, before.

Thank you.


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Follower - Why Can't I find Which Profile I Used?

Strange happenings occurred in the realm of Roberto's Blogs, today.

I remember seeing several bloggers, in the Blogger Forum, asking why they couldn't stop Following, nor find the profile they were using to join Follower, for that blog - therefore, not being able to log on! The Reading List just didn't show that blog as being Followed!

Well, today, I may have stumbled upon an answer.

I have been Following one great blog for ages. When Google Account troubles started for me, the week before last, with the disablement of my primary email account, I raced around trying to re-invent the wheel - namely, re-joining Follower on many superb blogs, that I enjoy reading. This was to lead up to today's problem for me. Basically, carelessness!

You see, today, I came across a blog, with two identical Profile Images in the Follower gadget, but I couldn't sign-in to one of them, because I couldn't find the right profile. Why? I opened every one of my Google Blogger accounts, searched the Follower Reading List, and couldn't find the blog in question listed there - in any of them - other than the original (re-enabled) email account, which was the 'other' image on the gadget. A real dilemma for me.

By sheer chance, I decided to log-out completely from Blogger, and gmail, and I visited the blog in question, as an anonymous Reader - a 'Surfer'. I clicked on the sign-in option of the blog, and finally got a response! Just by sheer luck, I decided to try and log-in with one of my Yahoo email addresses. When, all of a sudden, it worked, I realised that I had used one of my Yahoo profiles - directly - not the Yahoo email / Google account profile, which had it's own Blogger account, to join that blog. Apparently, what I found happening with non-Google email, irrespective of the fact that I had started a Google account with it, the blogs I was Following with that account - did NOT appear in my Follower 'Reading List' on the bottom of the Blogger Dashboard for that account, because that Yahoo account was not linked to my Blogger! As soon as I changed the profile - from Yahoo to my Yahoo-Google account, and then linked to Blogger, all the blogs I was Following, appeared on that Yahoo-Google-Blogger Reading List.

It was no use using a Blogger profile when I didn't use one to begin with! Looking for it in my Reading Lists, was futile - and frustrating!

In the dark recesses of my brain, I think maybe, I clicked the Follow button on the Navbar to cause all this, maybe not. I'll have to try and re-create it - sometime.

I need a holiday!

Somehow, I managed to Follow a blog with my Yahoo email profile, instead of the associated Blogger profile from the Yahoo-Google account. Confusing? Yes, it is. The feature that threw me was the image icon was the same as my primary gmail email. That's since changed, though, so I don't fall into that trap again. I now have a different image icon for different emails. Simple enough.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Responsible Readership - Are You Helpful?

I've been editing one of my bigger blogs, for a week, or so. During this time, I thought about the amount of links that were not working, and thought I'd write this.

When you visit, and read, someone's blog, if you see an obvious error, whether it be in spelling, or maybe a link which doesn't work, or an image which doesn't display, what do you do?

  • Do you leave a comment to tell the owner? Or,
  • Do you ignore it, and think the owner is not worth re-visiting? Or,
  • Hope the owner soon finds the error and corrects it?

Having been a blogger for over five years now, I have often been editing my blogs and found errors - especially typos. Sometimes, my fingers seem to work independently, separately, to my brain - faster, or slower, I am not sure, but the words do not flow off my keyboard at the rate my brain composes them. Errors will, naturally, occur, and appear to be spelling related. I am a good speller but I am not a good typist, that's for sure. So, when I edit and find glaring errors - which I should have picked up during scanning the finished post, I think; "Drat - all my readers have seen that! Will it affect their opinion of my me?" "Will they think I can't spell?" "Will it affect their impression of the message, or information, I am sending in my post?"

I don't know if you regularly do an edit of your posts, but let me tell you - it takes a lot of time and effort! Links stop working for reasons as various as the names of blogs - mainly, though, because someone has taken that site down, or deleted it, or changed it!

If an image doesn't display - I get very angry with Google / Blogger, because I know how to load images. Why aren't they displaying? Why is this, or that, not working?

Of course, I don't look at every post I've published in the past, to check these things, either. It may well be years until I happen to check an old post during an edit run, or happen upon an error, or when linking to that post from another article.

So, how do you help bloggers?

Well, I would be to leave a comment on the related post - maybe with a 'DO NOT PUBLISH THIS COMMENT' heading, or something, telling the owner that such and such is not working, or whatever. I think that would be responsible readership - and I'm sure, one day, the favour will be returned. I have done that with my friend, Nitecruzr many times (- he's not that good at spelling because he's 'Merikan!) (Private joke). He doesn't get upset, either!

Hey, I'm sure that the owner(s) would appreciate it, too! I know I would.